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Heidi Ferrer dies at 50 after 13 months battling Covid-19

Heidi Ferrer dies at 50 after 13 months battling Covid-19

hEddie Ferrer, writer and screenwriter on series like Dawson’s Creek, died on May 26 after a 13-month battle with Covid-19.

“The intense physical pain and inability to sleep due to the pain led Heidi to decide that she would prefer to leave this world,” says screenwriter Nick Guth’s husband, noting that she committed suicide out of desperation and fear that his “condition had worsened.”

Heidi Ferrer’s husband explains that the news has just been published, and through a blog, the couple’s son is protected from commenting on the case because, like many other children, 13-year-old Bexon will also be dealing with the stress of the pandemic and, in this case, with The tragic effects he had on his family.

Heidi Ferrer contracted the coronavirus in April 2020 and remained bedridden months later. Over time, the disease crippled her ability to move, forced her to follow a highly restrictive diet, and left her unable to sleep and even unable to do one of her favorite things: reading.

Finally, Nick Guth made a final request on behalf of his wife: “Instead of flowers, please donate to the Child Scoliosis Awareness Program [associação no âmbito da Escoliose Infantil] in your memory. This is the nonprofit that saved the Bexon column [filho do casal]”.

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