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Heidi Klum inspires a creative Halloween

Heidi Klum inspires a creative Halloween

The epidemic suspended the famous party promoted by the German supermodel, which has added many and varied costumes over the past few years.

After being suspended since last year due to the pandemic, the Halloween party that Heidi Klum has promoted for many years is no longer, but it didn’t fail to make a date. On social networks, the German model, presenter and actress shared photos from all previous releases.

On Instagram, the videos show preparations for each of the visuals he has shown over his 20 years at the event, always collecting international stars and a lot of creativity, until covid showed up and disrupted plans. The costumes left Heidi Klum unknown, the result of a unique artwork that gave her the nickname “Queen of Halloween.” Among the other masks were Dominatrix (2000), Goddess Kali (2008), Monkey (2011), Old Woman (2013), Jessica Rabbit (2015), werewolf inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller (2017), Princess Fiona ( 2018) and “Alien” (2019).

Now, for the second time, just as she did during quarantine in 2020, Heidi has made a horror short, adding Halloween-themed, body makeup, prosthetics, and family in a spooky script. The kids, Lenny, 17, Henry, 16, Johan, 14, and Lou, 12, took the lead after she herself posted a photo of herself lying on her tombstone – which reads “Heidi Klum. Halloween means her doom” ( and her husband, Tom Callies).

Even in the home situation, she continued to rule, albeit “interlacing her fingers in 2022”. Speaking to USA Today, Heidi admitted that she loves “giving people the opportunity to go to extremes and get creative,” emphasizing that “if they have a great imagination, they can create incredible fantasies with random things they have at home.”

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