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Helen Fischer became a mother - the gender of the baby is known

Helen Fischer became a mother – the gender of the baby is known

Helen Fischer is said to have become a mother at Christmas time.Image: / STAR-MEDIA

05.01.2022, 06:1505.01.2022, 07:35

In October 2021, pop singer Helen Fisher was revealed to be pregnant. After media reports had already been circulated, he himself confirmed the rumors related to Instagram. However, it is not known exactly when the birth took place. Now “Picture“: The 37-year-old has already become a mother “around Christmas” and cites a source from “close family circle”.

Uncle Lucky Helen Fischer

Helen Fisher is said to have given birth to a girl, but the name is still unknown. It is said to be home delivery, so the artist did not give birth in a clinic. Helen and the parents of the “suffocating” translator who supported her partner Thomas Seattle as much as possible now play a key role. Fortunately, they live nearby anyway. The singer and acrobat, the baby’s father, have been living in a house in Amherst since June.

Helen Fischer has not yet commented on the latest reports about the birth of her baby. In his post from October, he said that people in his immediate environment “shared personal information with the media”, which he said was “very disappointing”. “Built” had previously stated about the gender of the baby and revealed that it would be a woman. According to a recent report in the newspaper, the mother and baby are fine, and Helen Fischer is now enjoying time with her little daughter.

In the fall, Helen Fischer appeared on several television shows, including “Wheaton, Toss …?” As well as “small is big”. As part of the release of his new album “Rosh”, there were several documentaries about him on television. However, on any of the products, he did not comment on a specific date.

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