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Helena Costa had a lung tumor: "Everything goes through our heads"

Helena Costa had a lung tumor: “Everything goes through our heads”

In a hospital bed post, Helena Costa explained that the absence of social networks was due to a health problem and that she had undergone surgery for a lung tumor.

Helena Costa She was absent from social networking sites, and after her followers expressed their concern, the artist said that she suffers from a health problem.

In a post that took place in a hospital bed, Helena Costa revealed that she had to undergo a surgical intervention after she was diagnosed with a lung tumor.

“I have a health problem. I am very resistant to pain. Maybe my diagnosis was delayed. When I went to the diagnosis, I was told I had asthma, but it wasn’t asthma. More tests were done. This is what I want to warn you about: Not to be ignored. The tests. In my case, a cancerous tumor appeared in my lung, and I had to remove a portion of the lung, “he said an actress, 38, was clearly injured after surgery.

“I’m really fine. I feel good,” he said. Helena CostaShe is the mother of one-year-old twins Mercedes and Maria de Mar.

“Psychologically, it was bad, but I’m going to show you what I did for the last few days that was struggling for me, that made me see life with different eyes … The operation was two days ago. I’m fine, I’m fine. I’ve done a lot of things. Before the surgery. The pictures with them, pictures with me, maybe more symbolic, “the actress admitted, however, before adding:” Everything goes through our heads. “

He added, “There are very few things in life that one has no control over, and this time it affected me.” Helena Costa.

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In the end, the actress said that she would be in the hospital for several days, but this experience affected her deeply: “The past few days have made me see life differently, with different eyes. I think, now, I am a different person.”