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Helena Neres launches 'Barb' in Luisa Castel Branco?  "As anyone would say... I was behaving"

Helena Neres launches ‘Barb’ in Luisa Castel Branco? “As anyone would say… I was behaving”

This Wednesday, July 28, another diary of “O Amor Happen”, moderated by Mafalda de Castro, was broadcast on TVI. In addition to commentators Joana Albuquerque and Flávio Furtado, former formula contender Helena Neres was also present.

At the beginning of her intervention, the 55-year-old driver decided to send a “splinter” to Luisa Castel Branco, one of the program’s commentators:

“I don’t regret anything, I think it was me, I did well, I represented myself well, as someone here will say I acted all the time, and yes, I acted For me, and therefore in this role you were perfect”, shot.

Confronted by Flávio Furtado, who intervened, wondering who he was referring to, she replied: “Aunt Luisa…”, She said, Referring to the author, which was not present today in the studio.

‘I’m really scared of Helena’s silly things here, did I say anything about her? God damn it’They shot Joanna Albuquerque on the spot.

Minutes later, Luísa Castel-Branco ended up going live on the phone to explain it all: “Dear Helena, I wanted to know what you said and I don’t remember it clearly”He said in a relaxed manner.

“Hi Luisa Olhey, I said I was there (…) representing her, and in fact, I gave her every reason to be (…) and you have every right to your opinion, it’s legitimate, I just comment – there”Helena Neres explained.

Luisa Castel Branco highlighted that we are all the same in life, later explaining her statement:

“You have an idea of ​​how to appear on TV at its best (…) so the fact that I said I was acting, I was playing the role, and what each of us does… How do I represent and certainly everyone else.”

look now.

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