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Helge Schneider breaks concert in Augsburg: "I don't realize it anymore"

Helge Schneider breaks concert in Augsburg: “I don’t realize it anymore”

His comedic performances have a cult status, he is admired for his jazz improvements, and his comedy – well – is a matter of taste. But on Friday evening Helz Schneider was serious: “I have to say, it inspires me. The musician, comedian and cabaret artist at the Strongcorp Open Air show in Augsburg, in a festive format, is said to guarantee a corona-compatible distance between guests. .

Schneider has no idea what motivates him creatively. Almost 30 minutes after entering the stage, Schneider wanted to leave it again. “I’m going to stop at the beach chair concerts at this place. I’m so sorry. You can get your money back,” Schneider said in a video.

A murmur spreads across the audience, 900 spectators, 500 beach chairs. Are you serious? And!

Schneider added: “It’s not really fun. You have no contact with the audience, people are always running here. Please understand – as an artist, I can not do anything anymore in this situation.” Then he said another sentence expressing a lot of frustration – and then it’s on social media. Which can lead to the skepticism of a lateral thinker: “The computer is just thin and stupid.”

Organization? Or comment? Minutes after Schneider left the stage, an executive spokesman came to the microphone: “Helge Schneider complains that he has no contact with the audience. We will keep you updated on our website on how and where to return your ticket. We do not expect such a situation, sorry. “

Corona Summer 2020 Open-air beach chairs were developed. Live events should be made possible outdoors and in accordance with Corona requirements, guests are served in their seats and drinks are served. The German Tourism Prize 2020 was awarded for this idea. When asked by »D-Online, Schneider’s manager said the next day: »Helz Schneider canceled the concert yesterday because on-site catering was arranged because he was constantly distracted by the catering staff who worked on the seats. «

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But behind the musician’s frustration may also be the privacy of the corona crisis, especially for artists: performance ban, canceled fee, creative locking. “As an artist, you are a weak link in the food chain,” Schneider told SPIEGEL in October 2020. He still hosts the live show, “I now earn 50 euros instead of 10,000 euros as before”.

He had previously said in a video message on Facebook that he would not appear in front of cars or in front of people, “those who have to sit at a distance of one and a half meters and wear mouth and nose protection”. He could not make friends with streaming looks because he did not have his fans there, “the most important part of my job.” When he performed in Oxburg, he allowed himself to be relieved: “I have always wanted such a high point. I plan to go to Autobahn. Awesome, now comes another car. “

Other appearances on the Strongcorp Open Air show, which toured as a format through several cities in Germany, Schneider wanted to finish as confirmed by his management. The tour will continue as planned.