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Helios Cinema Opol C.H. Carolinga Performance Tickets

Viewers will be able to enjoy the latest sounds of Dolby ATMOS and Dolby 5.1, the latest generation of Christie 4K projectors, Depth Q technology and world-class screens for 2D and 3D projection.

From the very first day of operation, the new Helios at Opol will catch the attention of a wide range of premieres in performance. With families in mind, “Mustang from the Wild Valley: Road to Freedom” and “Ray and the Lost Dragon” – a new film from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be shown. Action movie fans will enjoy the highly anticipated sequels of the best cinematic hits: “Fast and Furious 9” and “Bodyguard and Expert Wife”. For fans of strong movie sensibilities, the thrilling horror film “Sanctuary” and the lively thriller “Nobody”.

The facility will also have a Helios Cafe, which will serve coffee coffee, cakes and ice cream with others.

At the opening ceremony, Helios Chain has prepared an event-packed movie weekend for the audience. On July 2-4, in the Wheel of Fortune quizzes, you can win a lot of prizes, and in the main competition, you can also win attractive surprise prizes. In addition, the network is organizing a special screening of the movie “Bodyguard and the Wife of an Expert” – to get a double invitation to the Saturday show in the dream room, all you need is creativity and original idea. Details contests are available here:

Helios SA is the largest cinema chain in Poland in terms of number of venues. There are currently 51 theaters with a total of 285 screens and nearly 54,000 seats.

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Most theaters in Poland have been closed since November 7, 2020. Theaters were allowed to reopen in mid-February, but Helios, Multicino and Cinema City did not take advantage of it, explaining that there was not enough time to produce venues and reviews. In the second half of March, due to another wave of epidemics, all cinemas were closed again.

As a result, Helios in the first quarter of this year. PLN had zero revenue of $ 93.8 million a year ago. The entire Agora Capital Group reported a 49.6% year-on-year decline in revenue over the past quarter. The net loss increased to PLN 146 million and PLN 47.1 to 59.4 million.

Helios signed two deals in the second half of December last year: PNP with Paribas Bank Polsco for PLN20 million overdraft facility and Sandander Bank for PLN20 million for revolving loan with Polka. However, in September, he concluded deals with Santander Bank Polga and BNP Paribas Bank Polga, each of which he borrowed more than PLN 20 million.

Helios cinema ticket sales fell 67.2% last year. PLN 84.6 million, from snacks and beverages sales – 66.5 per cent. PLN to 37.2 million, and from advertising – to 69.4 percent. PLN up to 10.9 million. Agora’s entire cinema and book division, among others, saw Agora Publishing and Passibus Network decline in operating results from PLN 43 million profit to PLN 88.3 million loss.