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"Hell's Kitchen."  Daniela reveals the reason for her surrender.  "I had an ovarian cyst that was bursting" - TV

“Hell’s Kitchen.” Daniela reveals the reason for her surrender. “I had an ovarian cyst that was bursting” – TV

Daniela da Silva, 28, gave up ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, From SIC, after feeling bad tasting a set in Ljubomir Stanisic’s infernal kitchen. In an interview with MAGG, the businesswoman and CFO narrate everything that happened at the time of her admission and how her condition is now.

The cook started feeling sick days before that service, which she eventually gave up due to severe abdominal pain. She had to go to the fire department which was in the studio and knew she had very low blood pressure, which took her to the hospital. “I had a cyst on my ovaries that was bursting. I was advised to stay at rest and not make any great efforts.”reveal.

The situation was finally resolved, with specific medication administered to make the cyst disappear. Daniela guarantees she is “awesome”, despite feeling “sad” to have left the Paço de Arcos station program for this reason.

“I would have preferred for the chef to kick me out, it was a sign that I was wrong. It saddens me to leave like this because I was already developing regarding the first episodes, I was more comfortable in the kitchen.”The businesswoman admits, adding that she’s never been to a kitchen of this size before.

In addition to the kitchen, pressure was one of the biggest difficulties he faced in Hell’s Kitchen. Daniela explains to MAGG that she’s used to dealing with different types of stress, but because she’s a calmer person, she loves to focus on the kitchen in her space. Nevertheless, he says he’s used to getting confused and dealing with Lyobomer.

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“In the beginning, the chef and I were shocked that we have completely different personalities. I am humble and he is a more explosive person. But I have learned to love the chef and these days really love how he works. In a lot of situations, I think it’s imperative that we be that way.” As he says.

“I brought a lot of friends from the program.”

Daniela considers the competitor to be the one who managed to make friends with all of her colleagues and explains that some quarrels in the kitchen are normal. “I brought a lot of friends from the program. We were a good group and there were no major conflicts, and we ended up getting along. There were those normal disagreements, which arise in any workplace,” he says.

In the house where the participants not only shared the space but also some moments of their lives, Daniela says the atmosphere was good. “The routine at home was normal, we were so tired of recording for so many hours that we were exhausted. We slept as late as possible. We prepared lunch and dinner in the kitchen, where we lived together more. But there were also moments to relax a little, play games, listen to music, or watch movies and series. “

The biggest goal is to unlock the candy bar

Daniela, 28, holds two degrees, one in Marketing and one in Business Communication. He also holds a postgraduate degree in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and other financial management training. With all these skills, he was responsible for the financial management of the family business, and at the same time, for his catering company.

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Soon, the goal is to dedicate oneself only to Miss Blueberry, Due to the large number of requests it has received. Later on, he plans to open a dessert bar. “For the time being, I keep working with my catering company, the orders have been crazy. As I’ve seen in ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ I love pastries and my dream is to have a dessert bar.”reveal.

But how does Daniela have time to reconcile all this? The business woman responds and ensures that she often works more than 12 hours a day. “Time management is very complicated, I do more than 12 hours of work. There are seven days a week, but of course not everyone can live just for work,” he asserts.

Daniela concludes by saying, “I have decided that the time has come to dedicate myself to the kitchen only. My career as a CFO has been left aside, and in the next few weeks, it may be over.”