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Hell's Kitchen: Ruth disgusted by colleagues and accusations of drug use - National

Hell’s Kitchen: Ruth disgusted by colleagues and accusations of drug use – National

Grandola’s chef remains deeply distressed by the way her colleagues on “Hell’s Kitchen” have been treated and the way they try to tarnish her on the outside.

Alentejo, 41, says she was left out during the program by some competitors, and even arrested a “group of people” saying bad things about herself.

“They had no courage to say that in their face,” says the contestant, who said that he confronted them with the matter and that no one opened his mouth to apologize or explain.

Rute Palas faced several “wrath” by Ljumobir Stanisic in “Hell’s Kitchen”

Root ensured that envy on the part of some colleagues “was consistent,” especially because she got so far in the competition when she wasn’t expecting it. “It bothered me that some people, their very big ego, were not frontal. They liked to stab others in the back.”

Things got so much that Rute Palas stopped speaking to a lot of people in the competition and began to be “more conservative”. The last straw for her, “to say that she didn’t go there to make friends, but colleagues,” was that she felt so bad that she often ate alone. “I was taking my plate and going to eat in my room. There was a time when my room was my best friend,” she reveals, she retreated.

João Parreira, the chef who created ‘hate’ on Ljubomir Stanisic

The competitor also takes the opportunity to refute a series of rumors. Firstly, there was violence or religion in your marriage. “My ex-husband never hit me. I have been married for four years and a normal divorce, like many others.”As she says, she also ensured that there were people who spoke badly of her and included her in the “drug world” but she assured me that I “never” have been in this world.

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