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Eletricidade: HEN é a primeira a falir e deixa de fornecer energia a 3900 clientes

HEN stops powering 3900 customers

Escalation in electricity prices has already occurred “victims”! HEN – Serviços Energéticos, Lda, an energy services company, is no longer able to provide energy services, due to “non-compliance with obligations”.

SU Eletricidade will now ensure the supply of nearly 3,900 customers, according to information from Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE).

HEN - Serviços Energéticos, Lda, an energy services company from Guarda, closes its doors

Blame it on electricity production prices. As we have been monitoring, the price of electricity in the Iberian wholesale market (Mipple) has reached record levels! According to the information, last Thursday the price of electricity reached 288.53 € / MWh, data from the operator that manages the daily and intraday Iberian market (Omi).

In light of this price hike, HEN - Serviços Energéticos, Lda, an energy service company from Guarda, has stopped providing power to its 3,900 customers. This announcement was made by ERSE, through a statement made at Official Website.

The Energy Services Regulatory Authority ERSE has been officially notified that the supplier HEN - Serviços Energéticos, Lda.

HEN is the first company to fail!  Power supply to 3900 customers stopped

In this sense, ERSE has decided to supply all customers of the supplier HEN - Serviços Energéticos, Lda. It will now be guaranteed by the Last Resort Supplier (C.UR). This decision aims to ensure regularity and continuity of supply to HEN customers, who can no longer continue their activity.

Speaking to Pplware, HEN said this is just one aspect of her business, and other areas are doing well

ERSE recommends to customers of the supplier HEN - Serviços Energéticos, Lda. To communicate the consumption reading indicated on their meter through the means provided by the operator of the distribution network, that is, by phone number 800 507507, free of charge. This ensures that the customer's bills are adjusted and made more stringent. The tariff rates charged by the last resort agent have been approved by ERSE and are available Here.

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