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Henrik Borg talks about what marriage is like

Henrik Borg talks about what marriage is like

Henrik Alfijord Borg (27) He probably made many people close their eyes when he took part in the scandalous series “Ex on the Beach” in 2018. However, it was the Swedish influencer who caught his eye. Lisa Ankerman (32).

If we are to believe the couple, it was love at first sight, and at the beginning of the summer they got married – and had a fairytale wedding in Sweden with more than a hundred guests.

married / married: Reality star Henrik Borg married Lisa Ankermann in Sweden, and now he can reveal his price tag. Video: Jenny Emily As/Reality Awards
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On the red carpet before the Reality Awards, Borg could lift the veil on what life looks like as a newlywed.

Being newly married is so cute! It’s a new existence, even if it’s just the character that we’re lovers. Now people realize that we are together for life, and that suits me perfectly. I found myself a good lady!, Bourge is proud and adds:

– I am very happy and feel I made the right decision.

The reality file and Ankerman first met just before the pandemic, and it wasn’t long before Borg packed his things and trekked across the border. The 27-year-old tells Se og Hør that despite the fact that they are two very busy people, they find time for romance in their daily lives.

Dramatically: It got exciting when real-life couple Lisa Ankermann and Henrik Borg were spending their Christmas holidays in Thailand. Lisa was taken to the hospital, and now we finally get to see what really happened on their YouTube series “Lisa & Henrik.” Video: “Lisa and Henrik” / Stephen Petersen
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– We’re too busy. I’m here and she’s there, and we have to find time for each other in between everything. We both have somewhat of a “jet” life.

– But we’re not tired of each other yet, so falling in love is what keeps the romance going. He happily says it’s not worse than that.

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Borg also admits he is no stranger to the idea of ​​a potential family increase. If we were to believe him himself, he would have liked to have had two children already.

– We would like to have children and this is, in a way, the next step. We’ll see if that will happen and when, but for me, I wanted to be a dad yesterday, he says with a smile.