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Henrique Araujo (Benfica) leaves Famalicao and heads to Arcos ::

Henrique Araujo (Benfica) leaves Famalicao and heads to Arcos ::

With no record of goals scored in Famalicao's 17 matches, Henrique Araujo has confirmed that he will change his ways and look for happiness in Rio Ave. Zero zerofollowing the information provided by CNN Portugal.

The 22-year-old striker, who is linked to Benfica until 2027, will also play on loan from the Eagles at Arcos.

The Luz administration has strong hopes for the striker, not least because of the response he gave in the 20 official matches in which an eagle appeared on his chest. He scored five goals in those matches and left in the middle of last season for Watford in the English Championship.

For this season, Roger Schmidt and Rui Costa wanted to include him in a more familiar environment, but the truth is that Henrique was unable to score a single goal for Famalicão.

In fact, the two transfers were, in this respect, a complete fluke: 25 matches were played away from Benfica and not a single goal was scored.

Now, all parties expect the scenario in Vila do Conde to change. In a team strong in possession and in need of a reliable reference up front (Aziz is back now, Leo Ruiz has two goals and Andre Pereira only one), Henrique Arajo will theoretically find this space to assert himself.

The change is scheduled to become official at the beginning of next week.


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