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Henry died  Freefleet.No

Henry died Freefleet.No

According to the Spanish-language sports magazine As work Tovi Henry was found at the bottom of the Punteagudo volcano in Chile on October 11. He was on a trip with Chilean summit guide Juan Juan Señoret, who was also found dead.

It is assumed that they fell while descending the mountaintop, and that an avalanche may have been a contributing factor in the fall. French photographer Mathurin Vautier was also on the flight, but is said to have escaped unharmed from the incident.

Tove Henry, born in 1984, was a legendary skater to say the least. With his relentless drive to drive as fast as he could on the steepest mountain sides around his hometown of Chamonix, he enjoyed a unique status and prestige in the world of international freeriding.

He has won numerous Powder Awards, including the 2018 Line of the Year award when he drove super turns down the Mallory Line under the lift at the Aiguille du Midi. For those of us who took this lift and went to Aiguillen, this is a feat that seems almost inhuman, but for Tof, skiing this way was almost an everyday occurrence.

Henry is survived by his son, Jules.

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