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"Her two children are my children now..."

“Her two children are my children now…”

Rui Andrade spoke with Ruben Roa and Maria Serqueira Gomez at ‘in the family’.

The singer and actor spoke about his career and his last positive test for Covid-19.

However, Roy Andrade ended up remembering his sister, who died in January of this year, a cancer victim: “My sister has struggled for almost two years… if we look at our lives we have everything but we always think we don’t have the things that we have or… what is a problem for us, when we struggle with a problem like this… we realize that this no thing “.

“I don’t mind talking about my sister all over the place because I think the more people get to know her… I think I always compliment her. She was my best friend, she was my best friend” – I continued.

In the end, he ended up admitting: “Her two kids are my kids now. It’s not easy, it’s not easy for us. She was always so strong, especially for her kids, that she took it well. She had 26 chemotherapy sessions. My sister’s fall happened in the last month of her life, right after Christmas.” birth”.

He recalled one of Roy Andrade’s sentimental texts to his sister:

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