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Here are the first couples from 'Love Happens'

Here are the first couples from ‘Love Happens’

This Sunday, July 4, TVI’s new reality show, “O Amor Happened,” premiered. The program aims to bring together people who do not know each other in four dream houses, in Serra, Praia, Moinho and Campo, to see if love happens over the course of a week! Presented by Pedro Teixeira e Maria Serqueira GomezThe coordination started with 8 participants. Meet the couples below, who were split between the four houses!

House overlooking the beach: James and Catherine

Thiago was the first to arrive at the house, and, anxiously, he called a friend to tell him what to expect from the new suitor. That was when Katrina got home and surprised James. Young Katharina showed the house and they talked to get to know each other better. Then the student gave him a gift: a curious shirt! “Thank you TVI because Catarina is the hottest I’ve ever seen” says the dress, which also has a picture of the young woman saying “love of my life”.

Tiago, 24 years old, agronomist, Lisbon
He enjoys sports, going to bars, meeting people, riding his bike and fighting. The young man reveals: “I feel like I still haven’t found the person to complete me and that is why I am single. If a person has the characteristics that I like, I love them with ease.” However, Tiago has very specific patterns: height between 1.60 and 1.68, green or blue eyes and beautiful teeth.

Catherine 21 years old, student and model, Vila Nova de Gaia
He is a communication student and says he wants to find “the love of his life”. He’s never dated and thinks the show is a chance to meet someone. Katrina assumes it is hard to handle and selective. “It should be more than 1.82,” the 1.75-year-old revealed. Friendly, attractive, communicative, and has a purpose in life are other characteristics that Katharina values.

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See photos of the house in the gallery below!

Casa da Serra: Jorge and Eddie

They are the oldest couple to have participated in the show that occupies this dream home. Jorge greeted “Eddie” with gifts and a letter with poetry, thanking him and showing how much she liked him. The two soon exchanged their first kiss, an emotional shot that was followed by an “Eskimo Kiss.”

Jorge, 75, retired, Sintra
He was married 4 times but has been single for 17 years. You are looking for a permanent relationship for life. He behaves very well at the age of 75: “I know I don’t look at my age”, he claims.

Eddie, 64, retired nurse, Villa Real
He was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil and lived in Portugal for 3 years. “I come from a very poor family”, Eddie, who was kicked out of the house when he was 14, said. He had two daughters, but one of them died when Ed was 28 years old. Join the program looking for a “love life”.

See photos of the house in the gallery below!

country house: Joanna and Miguel

Joanna got home first and waited for Miguel to arrive. The two greeted each other with three kisses on the cheek, which is the custom in Switzerland. The common theme was the first topic of the two, who spoke little German. Miguel and Joanna then talked about the children, when she revealed that she wanted to have 3 children. However, Miguel cannot have children – a secret he chose not to reveal to Joanna until now. “What if you don’t have it?”Miguel asked, and Joanna told him: “Only for a big reason, because of illness for example”.

Joanna, 30, babysitter, Zurich
He is from Vieira do Minho, but currently lives in Zurich, where he works in a family home. “I’ve had so many disappointments, toxic relationships, and I’m so afraid to suffer”, said the young woman, who was single for 5 years and already engaged, but ended up ending the relationship before tying the knot. “I hate stallions”Joanna said.

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Miguel, 43, businessman, Lamegoمي
He lived in Switzerland for many years. He enjoys sports and kayaking. “I have been interested in many women, perhaps hundreds”, said the businessman, who revealed that he had a relationship with Spaniards, Americans, and Italians, among other nationalities, but few of them had a relationship with Portuguese.

See photos of the house in the gallery below!

mill house: Diogo and Claudia

Diogo was the first to arrive at the house and take a bouquet of flowers for the suitor. Claudia soon arrived with a guitar on her shoulder and a volleyball on her arm. Upon arriving, the young woman bumped into a bouquet of flowers and knocked her to the ground, generating an amusing moment between them.

Diogo, 21 years old, student, Lisbon
He enjoys playing volleyball, strolling in the park and listening to music. He claims that he rarely likes the girl, and it is difficult to win.

Claudia, 25, Customer Support Assistant, Caldas da Rainha
He enjoys singing, playing guitar and playing volleyball. “To win me you have to have a sense of humor”revealed Claudia, who says her biggest fear is not meeting the expectations of a suitor.

See photos of the house in the gallery below!