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Here comes a news channel created using artificial intelligence

Here comes a news channel created using artificial intelligence

Hey The world is about to officially discover the first media TV channel created using artificial intelligence.

Channel One, born in California, USA, promises to work just like traditional TV news channels, but with hubs that are not made of flesh and blood, but created using artificial intelligence.

According to USA Today, the channel is scheduled to launch this year.

In fact, Channel One published a promotional video explaining how it works on social media – and yes, the video is also made using artificial intelligence.

The digital hubs then explain that the channel will cover international issues, as well as finance and entertainment.

“You can hear us and read our lips, but no one is recorded saying what we're all saying,” one of the channel's journalists says in the video. “I'm feeding from sophisticated systems behind the scenes.”

The California-based company used human actors, whose bodies and voices were digitally analyzed and manipulated, creating realistic avatars. On certain occasions, digital hubs will receive written news, and in these cases, they will also use words recorded by human actors, making the transmissions as realistic as possible.

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