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Here comes the world's longest cruise (passing across the seven continents)

Here comes the world’s longest cruise (passing across the seven continents)

sThat would have been impossible a few months ago, when the tourism industry – and the cruise industry in particular – was struggling with travel restrictions, but one company is launching the world’s longest cruise: it will last nine months and will pass through 150 destinations.

According to the company, the trip is designed for people who want to “make up for lost time”.

The cruise departs in December 2023 from Miami, in the United States, and returns to Florida only in September of the following year, after 274 nights.

The voyage will take place on Royal Caribbean’s “Serenade of the Seas” ship, which can accommodate up to 2,476 passengers.

After leaving Miami, the cruise will pass through the Caribbean, stopping at some stops in Central and South America, including Rio de Janeiro. Over the course of nine months, 150 will stop in 60 different countries.

The itinerary passes through the seven continents and should allow travelers to visit the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and the pyramids at Giza.

It will be possible, for those interested, to book a nine-month experience or just book a specific part and just embark for the route across America, for example.

To CNN Travel, Royal Caribbean has indicated that prices for the entire trip will be between 57 thousand and 97 thousand euros.

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