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Here is the possible arrival date of the new iMac with the M1 and iPad Pro

Here is the possible arrival date of the new iMac with the M1 and iPad Pro

The Apple Spring Forward event brought us several new products such as AirTags, which are already available, as well as a new color (purple) for the iPhone 12, as well as a new entry-level iMac with the M1 processor. Incidentally, the iPad Pro has also inherited this processor.

After the show, consumers were left with a good question. Given the current shortage of components and semiconductors, when will the new iMac and iPad Pro computers with the M1 processor appear on the market? Well, we already have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect.

The new 24-inch iMac is available in up to 7 colors

This is Apple’s new “hard” computer. The Entry-World Mac model is now available in seven shades, in the most expensive configuration – from € 1,719 in Portugal. The basic version – from 1499 euros is available in four shades of colors.

It is an all-in-one solution with a 24-inch 4.5-K screen, with no opportunity for expansion in the user’s hand. Orders begin today (30) on the website and official Apple store in Portugal, with delivery scheduled for mid-May.

Therefore, we are facing a significant delay in the delivery date of new products – given the history of the Cupertino giant. Hence, it is a direct result of the current lack of components that the technological market is feeling.

Delivery of orders will begin on May 21

Although Apple has not specified this, thanks to information provided by British supermarket chain John Lewis, we have put the delivery date for the products on May 21.

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Note that this timeline is in line with the period mentioned by the Cupertino giant, which, on its website, indicates its availability for the second half of May.

In the face of the questions and concerns of some readers and fans of the apple, we can now, with a certain degree of certainty, clarify the problems with the availability of the product. This year, due to the above conditions, it will take a little longer.

John Prosser, Prolivero The dropout Also refers to May 21

Update on this: iPad Pro launch is May 21. The date “22” you mentioned is related to the 5G model of a particular carrier and should often be ignored. Apple will also launch the new Apple TV on May 21.

– John Prosser (@jon_prosser) April 29, 2021

The deadline mentioned above will not only apply to the new 24-inch iMac, as well as the new iPad Pro model equipped with the Apple SoC M1. This will be the most time-consuming element, enforcing the extended waiting period this year.

It should also be noted that the 21st of May coincides with Friday. Something that attentive fans will recognize as Apple’s favorite day of the week to bring new products to the market.

Finally, according to tweet By Jon Prosser, the new Apple TV will also arrive on May 21.

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