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Here is what Dani Alves did to the victim after his alleged sexual assault

DrAni Alves, arrested on January 20, for sexual assault in the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona, ​​on December 30, remains in prison, without the right to bail, in a Barcelona city prison. kundal.

La Vanguardia reports that until January 31, lawyer Cristóbal Martel can file an appeal to demand the provisional release of the Brazil international.

La Vanguardia journalist Mayka Navarro reports that the alleged episode between Dani Alves and the victim lasted 16 minutes and that it was the nightclub’s security guard who triggered the Anti-Sexual Violence Protocol.

“I had no way of consoling her,” the security guard told Mossos d’Esquadra. “But what happened to you?” I asked her. Tell me what happened to you. You have to calm down.” But she was very upset.

According to the whistleblower’s account, revealed by El Periódico, in the club’s bathroom, “Dani Alves forced her to sit on top of him, throw her on the floor”, slapped her and forced her to perform sexual acts. Which I strongly resisted. The victim was taken to the Clinic de Barcelona hospital, where an examination was carried out for biological material.

The daily newspaper El Periódico reported that before leaving and after the sexual assault, Dani Alves ordered one last drink at the bar. La Vanguardia adds that Dani Alves left the club, and crossed the aisles with the victim again, who was crying, which she ignored.

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