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Here the Polish Foreign Minister tears up the Russian narrative

Here the Polish Foreign Minister tears up the Russian narrative

Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski analyzes Russian propaganda point by point.

The short version

The video has been viewed by more than a million people on Channel

His speech at the UN Security Council session on Saturday received a tremendous response. In X, people are thrilled about the way he exposes Russian propaganda.

It's not just ordinary X users who let themselves get excited. Among other things, Ukraine paid tribute to Sikorsky Ambassador In Poland and President In Latvia.

– Master's degree in destroying Russian propaganda

In the video, Sikorsky reviews many of the claims made by Russia. Most of them are related to the war with Ukraine.

He said at the meeting that he was surprised by the tone and content of the Russian Ambassador to the Council, Vasily Nebenzia.

“I thought I would be useful by correcting the impression,” says Sikorsky.

Here are some of the claims Sikorsky is fighting:

  • Nebenzia describes Kiev as an “agent of the West.” Sikorsky points out here that Kiev is struggling for independence.
  • That Ukraine is a criminal regime. Here Sikrosky responds by saying that Ukraine has a democratically elected government.
  • He then refers to Russia's claim that Ukraine is Nazi. Here Sikorsky puts on the table the fact that the President of Ukraine is Jewish, the Minister of Defense is Muslim, and that they do not have any political prisoners.
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– He even said that Poland attacked Russia during World War II. what is he talking about? It was the Soviet Union that attacked Poland with Nazi Germany on September 17, 1939.

– Radek Sikorsky delivers masterclass in destroying Russian propaganda at UN Security Council, Ukrainian newspaper Euromaidan writes X.

Others write that you can show this film the next time someone repeats Russia's claims.

Vasilij Nebenzia is Russia's representative in the UN Security Council.

– Not a boring historical job

Jacob M. Godzimirski, among others, has researched Russian foreign policy for more than 20 years at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute (Nupi). He says Sikorsky's post is four minutes long and contains good summaries.

– Uses good rhetorical movement. This is not a boring 10-minute history post. It goes straight to the counts.

He explains that the Russian envoy attracted a lot of attention with his blunt statements.

-He's like a cartoon character, both physically and in the way he expresses himself. Therefore, it is very popular when someone manages to poke a hole in this propaganda balloon.

Godzimirski also points out that Sikorski is married to the American journalist Anne AppelbaumAnne AppelbaumAmerican journalist and author. It won a Pulitzer Prize. Applebaum specializes in communism and social development in Central and Eastern Europe.. She has written extensively on communism and developments in Eastern Europe.

– They probably talk about these kind of issues at breakfast, lunch and dinner.