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Herman Jose the program that did not and the biggest health concerns

Herman Jose the program that did not and the biggest health concerns

HHerman José took his good mood to RFM’s Café da Manhá, where he answered several questions from Joana Cruz, Rodrigo Gomez and Daniel Fontura.

Among the questions, they wanted to know which current TV show Herman thought was “performing best.”

“It’s easier to say the opposite. To say what you want, who you want, and at the same time, not get along with those people either. So, the more people you know, the less freedom you have.”the comedian began to respond.

“Then, Cesar Mourão, this program of his means an availability that I no longer have. Just thinking “Oh my God, now I’m going to this far away land with no text, in the middle of the street, talking to people and trying to be funny.” “This was something that would also be difficult for me to do these days,” he added.

During the conversation, Herman José also mentioned the major health scares he had when he was still a child. “When I was four years old, I suffered from a then incurable disease, infectious mononucleosis. Even today, my mother credits my recovery to a miracle. Because in the hospital they told him: “We have already done everything we can, now it is about your prayers and your faith.” Try to explain to my mother that I was not reborn by divine intervention. “I respect that, and I don’t even question it.”

Watch all the questions and answers in the video below:

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