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Kay Bernstein nach der Wahl zum Präsidenten (imago images/Matthias Koch)

Hertha’s new President K. Bernstein: From the curve to the executive floor

Hertha’s new president is Kay Bernstein

From the curve to the management platform

Imego Images / Matthias Koch

Audio: rbb24 | 06/26/2022 | Jacob Roger | Built in: Imego Images / Matthias Koch

Kay Bernstein is the new head of Hertha BSc. At an extraordinary public meeting, he won against CDU politician Frank Staples. The former Ultra Bernstein is nothing short of a cultural shift. By Dill Oberman

Atmosphere like stadium

Criticism of Stephen

Bernstein called for a “new unity” in his speech, and when applauded, Stephen’s remarks were greeted with applause from some parts of the hall. He had previously contradicted criticism of his contract with Bering: “I have no rope teams, I have no house authority,” Stefel cried.

After his protest speech, several inquiries took place. About 20 members went into the microphone to ask Staffel questions. Among other things, his tone and the fact that he has not been involved with the club in the past have been criticized. The review seemed organized. In all, Staffel was on stage for three-quarters of an hour. After his speech, Dr. Lentfer began the election.

Bernstein wants cultural change

Although it took a long time for Stபெphane to introduce himself due to several trials, he lost more than 400 votes. With him, the Hertha establishment in Old West Berlin was lost. Bering, a longtime executive member, withdrew his candidacy for the vice presidency after the election results were announced. So it was clear: Bernstein’s preferred candidate, 39 – year – old Fabian Treasure, would take over the vice presidency. Now the relatively young will lead the club. The old guard leaves them with a battered old woman. Bernstein said, “Our girl is in intensive care.” In order to cure her, he wants to bring together different groups in the club. The ten-point plan aims to bring about cultural change in the first 100 days. One of the points: players should grill for office workers.

Hertha needs more identification

Maybe it will make employees more recognizable. This would be a first step because Hertha has lost this identity in recent years. Between the club’s own font, the transfer loading menu on social media, the headlines of investor Lars Windhorst and the game’s defeat, a chaotic club-like image emerged. Many members said their children are now ashamed to wear their Herta shirts to school. Bernstein can change that: “I can do one thing, I can do project management, I can lead good people, and I can do one thing in particular: Hertha exemplifies passion,” Bernstein promised Sunday.

In the City Cube, Berlin is still Berlin

More than 3,000 members there were further inspired. Anyone looking for places where Berlin is still Berlin can find it on the City Cube on Sunday. Not a single speech took place without the speakers declaring that they were “real, native Berliners”. Hell continued to cheer the hall on in the usual dry humor of the place.

For example, when Fabian Treasure was self-critical about his presidency: “I rely heavily on game management expertise when it comes to transfers,” the audience echoed: “What expertise?” Kay Bernstein also seeks to alleviate this mood: “I want to poison the club from the inside out,” he says.

Broadcast: rbb / 24 inforadio, June 26, 2022, 7:15 pm

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