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He's the best in the world, Heinen should not take him to IO.  "Absolute Number One"

He’s the best in the world, Heinen should not take him to IO. “Absolute Number One”

We already know the names of 11 of the 12 Polish volleyball players who will play in the Olympics in July and August. A few days ago, coach Heinen announced the team. And surprise. None of the 11 players were selected. And the absence of a volleyball player’s choice for the Libero position.

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World Nations Association. Volleyball players are in good spirits. Leon pretends to be Santa Claus, and Pave Sadorki goes around training fools

Always in the shade. Will it pop up at the most crucial moment?

Paves Sadorski was the basic librarian of our team at the 2014 and 2018 World Championships. He was instrumental in Poland winning the gold medal in those competitions. This year, he helped Jaxa Godzin-Goyal greatly to win the Champions League. According to experts, he is next to Genia Krepenikov from France, the best librarian in the world (Krepennikov won the 2014 World Cup Award for Best Libero and the Sadorki – 2018 World Cup).

Damien Vojtasek is the first world champion in 2018. But in Bulgaria and Italy he was the only alternative to Sadorsky. He has been in its shadow for many years. Will he now step out of the shadows at a crucial moment for this generation of Polish volleyball players?

Vital Heinen surprises ahead of Nationals League final. “I need five sets”

The final for Vojdassek? Heinen shares fairly

In the League of Nations, which ends in Rimini, Vital Heinen Sadorki and Vojtassek fairly divide the competition. Only one – a 3-1 win over Serbia – both played. In all, before the final, Sadorki played nine games and Vojtasek eight.

After Sadorsky’s performance in the semifinals against Slovenia on Saturday, everything indicates that Vojtsek will win the final against Brazil on Sunday.

If Vojtassek does not play better, it all means that he can not get better numbers than his younger, but more named co-worker “dialed”.

Here are the figures for two volleyball players in VNL 2021 (calculations are based on data released by Robert Comeryzack’s team figures on Twitter):

PAWEŁ ZATORSKI: 9 matches, 29 sets – 115 plays accepted, 8 aces were made on him. On average, he had 60.55 positive reactions and 32.44 percent. Perfect party. He recorded 65 defenses, averaging 7.22 defenses per game and 2.24 defenses per set.

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Detailed figures for Sadorsky’s party:

  • Against Serbia (3: 1) – 16 plays, 2 aces on him, 62 percent. And 19 percent
  • With Australia (3: 0) – 7 plays, 0 aces, 71% and 57%
  • With Russia (3: 1) – 25 plays, 3 aces, 44 percent and 24 percent
  • With the Netherlands (3: 0) – 5 plays, 0 aces, 80% and 20%
  • With Canada (3: 0) – 16 plays, 2 aces, 25 percent and 19 percent
  • Against Japan (3: 0) – 8 plays, 0 aces, 75% and 50%
  • With Germany (3: 0) – 12 plays, 1 ace, 42 percent and 25 percent.
  • With Argentina (3: 0) – 12 plays, he aces over 0, 75% and 42%
  • With Slovenia (3: 0) – 14 plays, 0 aces on him, 71 percent. And 36 percent

Damien Vojdas: 8 matches, 25 sets – 118 plays accepted, 5 aces made on him. On average, he was 45.62 percent. Positive reception and 16.5 percent. Perfect party. He hit 51 defenses, averaging 6.37 defenses per game and 2.04 defenses per set.

Detailed statistics of Vojtasek’s party:

  • With Italy (3: 0) – 9 plays, he is 0 aces, 78% and 11%
  • Against Serbia (3: 1, he only played in the last set) – 4 plays, 1 ace, 25 percent. And 0 percent
  • With Slovenia (1: 3) – 23 plays, 1 ace on him, 48 percent. And 17 percent
  • From USA (3: 0) – 14 plays, 0 aces, 50% and 21%
  • With Bulgaria (3: 0) – 11 plays, 0 aces, 36% and 18%
  • With Brazil (0: 3) – 22 plays, 1 ace, 41 percent and 5 percent
  • With Iran (3: 0) – 16 plays, 0 aces, 50% and 44%
  • With France (2: 3) – 19 plays, 2 aces, 37% and 16%

“He took him on the bus because he wanted his happiness”


– I do not see any incredible difference – Zbigniew Zarzycki is a little surprised. – I’m a coach by profession, and sometimes I know a coach wants a bad player because he knows him well. Or he has a few other reasons, including the 1974 World Champion and the Montreal 1976 Olympic Champion.

– I once spoke to Julio Velasco, who told me that some people were surprised that he had bet on Ferdinando de Giorgi, and that he would take him on the bus that would take his rivals to the competition. De George’s joy was able to unleash a heavy, tense situation: for the coach he made two or three mistakes on the pitch more important than what another player had made – says Jorsicki.

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Heinen focuses more on how each volleyball player on the team performs. Even when Vojtasek is not the leader on the pitch, he is in the dressing room.

Poland - Slovenia 3-0.Courage is closer to the ideal! Leon is overworked, Kubiak with competitive action, but weak [OCENY]

Satorki: “I don’t feel like a leader here”

In a recent conversation with Sadorski, he became the head of the school council and we asked what it gave him. Finally we asked, “Are you the leader of the team? Or one of the leaders?”

– Every year I feel a change in the attitude of my colleagues and fans, I get the experience. But that doesn’t change my behavior. I don’t feel like a leader here. There are leaders, and I try to complete the works with a good atmosphere.

Atmospheric and advanced number systems

Satorki said what you can see. He is an important element of representation. He is not its leader and it is not an issue. You can hear and see if the team likes him. But it is also true that Vozdassek is a key figure in the atmosphere.

Vojtasek is the biggest joker in the frame, but his caring father also often comes out of him. During MS 2018 when Mikas Kubiak was suffering from pyelonephritis and was lying with a 40 degree fever, Vojtassek forced food on him.

But of course, Heinen is not only interested in things other than volleyball. Our analysis of the performance of Sadorki and Vojtasek in the ongoing League of Nations is based on simple, generally available statistics. Belgium, on the other hand, has its own advanced number systems. His detailed analysis shows which Libero is most suited to the style of Heinen game.

Bardos CuracWorld champion on the Polish team: We have two beasts. There is no one else but us

“The key may be a plan”

– If I were a coach, I would take Powell. But Vital Heinen may have a plan, we don’t know what’s on his mind. Maybe about that grê In defense and counter-attack at the expense of the party, he will not worry about the middle. There may be many factors we do not know – former team captain Markin Moydonek explained in an interview with Sport.bill a few days ago. – Pave Sadorski is the absolute number one for me, but Damien Vojdasse also has his value. After all, he plays better at defense – he added.

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Rissord Bose told us the same thing. – It seemed to me that Pave Sadorki was sure to leave. I didn’t know what the stage was, but I thought it might lose its seat only if there were health issues. Pave was in trouble, but not recently. Of course the coach has a plan – said the world champion and Olympic champion.

Jadorsky is the best. But don’t shout that Heinen is crazy

It seems that everyone will choose Sadorsky, but it could change everyone except Heinz. Already in 2019, in the qualifying competition for the Olympics, the Belgians could not leave Vojdassek. Then we played two Liberos and got promoted. Sadorki and Vojtassek complemented each other. In Tokyo, such a variation is not an option because there are only 12 seats on the team, and you can’t take two liberos at the expense of another post.

In my opinion, he is more qualified to play in Tokyo and can give more to the Sadorki team. But it was not me who took Poland to the 2018 World Championship Gold Medal and the 2019 European Championship Bronze Medal, it was not me who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics with him, I will also play with our team for the League Gold Medal of the Countries a month before the Olympics. In a nutshell: Vital Heinen gained such confidence that even though he decided to take Vojdassek, who had no assets at the time, we should not shout that he was mad at the highly criticized Libero from Plaslica to Tokyo.

So Sadorki or Vojtassek? The coach will probably announce on Monday. Or it could be Sunday after the League of Nations finals.