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High League 3 Live - Online Report 04/06/2022, Live Results, Fights, Shortcuts

High League 3 Live – Online Report 04/06/2022, Live Results, Fights, Shortcuts

Author: High League
High League 3 Live – Online Report 4.06.2022, Live Results, Fights, Video Shortcuts

High League 3 Live – Live results are useful for many! Who is the winner of High League 3? Did Alan Kviczynski deal with David Jalaki and did Robert Borneka defeat Robert Orshekovsky? What was the fight between Juzza and Lil Masti, and what was Eva Protnica’s fight with Camila Vibranci? Were the results of High League 3 surprising or was everyone expecting results like this? Who won the battle of the nights of Marcin Dupleix vs Alberto Simao? If you can not watch High League 3 PPV, we have a surprise for you and at the same time a great alternative. We have prepared a minute by minute High League 3 online report for you. Thanks to that, you’ll be up to date on what’s going on in the roundabouts in Tri-City. The live broadcast of High League 3 Live is waiting for you!


  1. High League 3 Live – Fight

To live

High League 3 Live – Live Results [RELACJA ONLINE 4.06.2022]

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Power Duel, amazing results, but effective knockouts – High League 3 is ahead of us! We invite you to follow the minute-by-minute report from Kala! Stay with us tonight.

High League 3 Live 4.06.2022 WYNIKI WALK ONLINE We throw in this place. High League 3 Live For various reasons and reasons, we follow and comment for people who can not watch the gala live on ppv system. Winner of the High League3? Results Are unanimous, but do the judges have trouble reaching a final decision? whats going on High League June 4, 2022 Live In Tri-City? If you can not see High League 3 Live BPV We have the right solution for you. We have prepared for you High League 3 Live A minute-by-minute relationship that you do not need to renew. This is done automatically. Thanks to this, you will be very up to date on the decisions made at the Tricity Ergo Arena. You will know the results of High League 3 online fights in real time. In addition, we will describe what individual fights were like and what their heroes say. We report a total of nine fights for you, including the evening match between Marcin Dubiel and Alberto Simao. Fan focus on High League 3 live online It also reverses the conflict between Robert Bernica and Robert Orshekovsky. Hardcore Cox returns to the cage after a five-year hiatus, while his rival is a complete rookie in the MMA. High League June 4, 2022 Live It’s a wonderful fight between Mateusz Kubiszyn and Denis Załęcki and, of course, conflicts between women. Our relationship High League 3 Online This may mean the announcements of the greater heroes of the Confederacy and the manifestations of that Cardi Walk High League4. If you can not watch PPV High League 3 because you are at work, for example, stay with us!

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High League 3 Live – Fight

Karta Walk High League3 The second season in 2022 will be remembered by fans for a very long time. Who is fighting in the High League on June 4, 2022? You will find exciting clashes between the biggest stars of Freak-fight MMA. Here is the whole thing Karta Walk High League3:

  • Przemysław Kolar Kolarczyk – Alan Alan Mann Kotsczyk
  • Mateusz Tarzan Leniak – Paweł Scarface Bomba
  • Lukasz Lukas TV Wdowiak – Kamil Kossakowski
  • Extrafit K-1: Alan Alanik Kvichinsky – David Crazy Jolki
  • Eva Cleo Protnica – Camila Kamiska Vibrancic
  • Denise Bad Boy Jalaki – by Mathews Don Diego Kubis
  • Burmese Boxing: Anila Lil Masti Focus – Zusje Astafiewa
  • Robert Rober W.K. Orzekovsky – Robert Hartkorovy Cox Bernica
  • Alberto Simao – Marcin Dupleix

In the end

High League 3 – Which fight is the most interesting?