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XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Stanisława Staszica w Warszawie jest najlepszym liceum w kraju, a Technikum Nowoczesnych Technologii im. Jana Pawła II w Kleszczowie najlepszym technikum – wynika z ogólnopolskiego rankingu szkół ponadgimnazjalnych "Perspektywy 2022".

High School Rankings “Perspektywy 2022”

XIV High School for them. Stanisław Staszic in Warsaw is the nation’s best high school and college of modern technology. In Jana Pavla II Kleszczów, the best technical school – “Perspektywy 2022” according to the national ranking of secondary schools.

The nationwide ranking of high schools was compiled for the 24th time by “Perspektywy”. The ranking panel took into account the success of the schools in the course Olympiads, the Mathura results in the compulsory subjects and the Mathura results in the additional subjects. For high schools, the results of the International Olympiads were taken into account, and in technical high schools, the results of vocational examinations were taken into account.

In this year’s rankings, data from 1,256 public high schools and 1,165 technical high schools were taken into account. Entrance Criteria: At least 12 high school graduates in May 2021 and average results in Polish and Mathematics must pass, not lower than the national average of 0.75.

  • This year Rank winner in high schools – XIV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Stanisława Staszic in Warsaw – has been at the top of the rankings for many years. Last year it was first, two years ago it was second, in 2019 it was first, in 2018 it was third, in 2017 and 2016 it was second and in 2015 it was first. “Stasik” is one of the oldest, still existing schools in Warsaw. The high school was founded in 1906. This is called the Kingdom of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. He has been collaborating with the Warsaw Technical University for many years. Students at this university can attend lectures and laboratory classes. The school collaborates with the University of Warsaw Institute of Mathematics. University of Warsaw staff run some of the most extensive teaching classes in mathematics. Every year, school students are among the Olympic prize winners and finalists in science subjects.
  • University High School in Toronto took second place (second place last year)
  • Third place – high school number in Szczecin. 13 (third last year)
  • Fourth place – V High School for them. August Witkowski (last year, fourth) fifth place in Krakow – high school no. 3 with bilingual branches for them. Of the Polish Navy in Guinea (seventh of last year)
  • In sixth place is XXVII High School for them. Tadeusz Czacki in Warsaw
  • Seventh Date – LO No. XIV They. Belgian Polish immigrants in Wroclaw
  • Eighth Date – High School No. Władysław IV in Warsaw
  • Ninth Date – High School No. III They. Adam Mikhevich in Wroclaw
  • Tenth – High School No. 5 in Warsaw by Prince Joseph Boniadowski
  • The first place among the technical experts was taken by the College of Technology of Modern Technologies. In John Paul II Kleszczów (Vodzkie voivodeship, Bełchatów poviat). The school finished third last year
  • Second Place No. of Higher Secondary and Technical School Campus in Warsaw. No. of Mechatronics Technical School in 1. Got 1 for (last year’s winner)
  • Third place is Communications Technical School No.14. On the campus of the Communications School in Kraków in Obrońców Poczty Polskiej Gdańsk (sixth place last year)
  • Fourth Date – Electronic Technical High School No. WP on Bydgoszcz (fourth last year)
  • Fifth Date – Electronic Technical School for them. Luplin Defenders in Luplin 1939 (fifth of last year)
  • Sixth place is Technical High School No. at the Joseph Kustronia Electrical and Mechanical School Complex in Nowy Sącz. Is 7.
  • At the 7th Technical School of Communication on the campus of the School of Communication in Poznań
  • Eighth day – School campus number in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. Technical High School No. in 6. 4
  • School campus number in Szczecin. 8th in the Ninth Technical School of Organization and Management
  • Tenth Date – Technical School No. 9 Aviation They. Heroes of Norwich in Warsaw
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The awards and diplomas of the ranking winners will be presented on Wednesday during the final exhibition at the Warsaw School of Economics.