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His ex-girlfriend accuses Militao of cheating on her while she is pregnant: "The Hollow Stick Saint and Father of the Sunnah" - Jogo da Vida

His ex-girlfriend accuses Militao of cheating on her while she is pregnant: “The Hollow Stick Saint and Father of the Sunnah” – Jogo da Vida

Caroline Lima overheard the player approached Tiffany Alvares and told everything

Caroline Lima, the ex-girlfriend of Eder Militao, with whom he has a child, commented on the latest rumor of a rapprochement between the Brazilian midfielder and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Alvares. Caroline Militao is accused of having sex with her ex-husband while she was pregnant.

Some Brazilian websites reported that Militao’s fling with Tiffany and Caroline left a comment about the situation. The longing they both experienced was so great that it ‘struck’ while I was still with him and pregnant. What madness! Form, like a servant of God, he was asking me to advise me of horror. Later, I found out that behind my back there was, lovely, With him…and I was pregnant. Soulmates,” he shot, ironically Caroline.

And it didn’t stop there: “And there’s more. Many times the cat advised me to be madder. She told me that he had already done it all for her, that he was rubbish and that he had even contracted a disease. He did everything to make me mad, to argue with him, to make me look Crazy. But then he would say that “God had a purpose for my family. I have fingerprints if you will. That’s why I prefer to be who I am, love. I don’t do this buffoonery that includes religion,” the influencer charged.

Tiffany commented on Caroline’s words on the Gossip of the Day page and explained that she had asked Caroline to help her, while she was listening along with Militao who preferred not to speak. “Let the boy focus on his work and be happy,” he wrote. Caroline read it, didn’t like it and went back to uploading. He said he picked up messages and phone calls between Tiffany and Militao when he was with the player in Ibiza, celebrating a year of relationship. “You pretended to be a friend but set him on fire, encouraged me to fight, drove me crazy, saying he was rubbish and even talking about diseases. It’s all with me pregnant,” Carroll breathed.

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