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His former brother-in-law “attacks” again and Letizia suffers from the scandal: “She is devastated, thin and in a state of panic” – The World

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Jaime del Burgo is responsible for the “earthquake” that struck the Zarzuela Palace In very particular, About Letizia. The Queen is dragged into a scandal that points out the fact that the Queen After she allegedly cheated on her husband, the King of Spain, with what would become her son-in-law, The businessman married Thelma Ortiz, the sister of the former TVE journalist. This man – whom the entire neighboring country now knows – in addition to having told some secrets of the past to Jaime Peñafiel, author of the controversial book “Letizia y Yo”, also used the social network [antigo Twitter] to Distorting the Queen’s image by providing dates on which he had an affair with the wife of Felipe VI And also share the photo that went viral. He would regret it after a few hours of these posts and delete everything. He returned to X this weekend with new confirmations: “I don’t change a single thing in my deleted posts. I appreciate the messages from those who understand that I have my reasons. I do not hold a grudge against those who threatened to kill me. I don’t feel proud. But the truth is what it is. I know only one king, and he is in heaven and his name is Jesus of Nazareth. He will judge meDel Burgo wrote.

He added in another message:The truth will be revealed, proven, documented. It is up to me to say that and anyone who is offended should go to court, that is why they are there. Spaniards have the right to know who represents us by inheritance or election“.

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Letizia trembles at all the public uproar and fears for her marriage. In turn, journalist Pilar Aire says on her YouTube channel that the Queen is on her knees: “My information is that Leticia is devastated. They are putting their resistance to the test. Last Wednesday, in public air, they told me how thin she was“, said the royal expert.She was very well-groomed, but subdued, and smiled mechanically. His whole spontaneous appearance, the way he spoke, the way he smiled, the way he held his arm…all of that had disappeared, not interfering in any conversation. However, surprisingly, the pair became friendlier than ever and more smiling. With each new day, Leticia wakes up fearing new discoveries. And this is how Del Burgo continues to tweet and Instagram“, explained Pilar Aire.

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