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His wife Innes gives a clear testimony that he was admitted to his hospital, "La wai s'day"

His wife Innes gives a clear testimony that he was admitted to his hospital, “La wai s’day”

In an interview with the press Gala, Expressed confidence in his fight against the Mountir Corona virus. By his side, his wife Ines returned to those long weeks when the former adventurer was admitted to the hospital.

Mandir has come a long way. Several weeks ago, the index candidate Ko-Landa Abbreviated the strict form of the Govit-19. More than 75% of his lungs were damaged, the father of three was hospitalized in intensive care and suffered 18kg weight loss. But his fight against the disease is far from over. As he magnifies TV appearances, the 47-year-old host and producer is still struggling to breathe and is recovering to strengthen his lungs. Throughout his ordeal, the former adventurer can count on the failed support of his wife Innes, he said.Fought like a warrior“. In an interview with the press Gala, Believes the young woman lived this test “Like a roller coaster“.

His wife Innes, his first support

Life stopped when he walked through the emergency room door. We are preparing for the worst, not with our children, not with our wife !“Innes says she made the difficult decision not to see her husband in the hospital.”As long as I stayed home, family life was not disturbed. My daughter Alia was admitted to the hospital for three weeks and two years ago, she knew we were coming home from the hospital. When I told her her dad was there, she knew he was coming back. But if I had gone too, it would have been so scary. Then I breastfed 4 month old Aya“, The mother of the family explains, who”Disconnected from the world“And his family should have too.”I told them: ‘Do not call me, do not ask me to confirm you, it frightens me.’ I focused on him in what was happening to us. “

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These were the words that helped the temple to rise

So it was over the phone that Innes provided her husband with daily support. “Mandir was at face time with us all day, he heard noises, kids… that’s what helped him. According to him, being in intensive care is like dying. For me, it was a step back to normal service“, Tells the one who always knows how to find the right words.”I told him: ‘We’ve talking about what could happen after you and the worst, but I want you to leave, Do what you are told to do, do not think of me, do not think of children, we will never be weak. If it’s difficult for you, for yourself, for us, to wash yourself, to be massaged by a caregiver, tell yourself that it is me. You need to get out of here. ‘He clicked on that spot. 48 hours later, he was released from intensive care.