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Historic if true – VG

In New York: Jonas Gahr Støre took a quick ride to the docks at Nyhavn in Copenhagen on Tuesday night.

Copenhagen (VG) If the US Supreme Court overturns the 1973 abortion ruling, it would be a huge step backwards for American women and their rights, according to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer (Labour).


“It would be a historic event, not only in the United States but much further afield, if this abortion order from 1973 were repealed,” the prime minister told VG.

He is in Copenhagen to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Nordic colleagues on Wednesday. He will also hold his first private meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

Støre was in the Kristiansand region earlier on Tuesday. But he has the record Leak from the Supreme Court In the United States, according to the site Politico It will reveal that the majority in the Supreme Court will revoke the right to self-determination abortion.

This right is valid in the United States since the case Roe v. Wade in 1973, Which states that a woman has the right to self-selected abortion until the fetus is viable.

The US Supreme Court has confirmed that the leaked draft is genuine, but… He denies that this is a final decision Or it represents the final position of any of the judges.

You can go this way

This ruling has been significant, both legally and symbolically, in many countries outside the United States, says the prime minister.

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– Are you surprised?

– He suggested that things should go this way, with the positions of the new justices of the Supreme Court, those appointed by former President Donald Trump.

How would you react if Roe v Wade had now fallen?

If this is the result, I think it is a huge step backwards for a fundamental right that American women have enjoyed for many years. It could lead to major divisions in the United States, and could lead to major differences in abortion laws between states. Some will nearly ban abortion, Store says, with consequences for women in the United States.

– How could this happen in the United States?

– In all opinion polls, there is a very strong majority for the current legislation at the federal level. So what the Supreme Court might do here is clearly against the majority. But many countries have worked methodically to prepare for the decision that is now to come. There are states that have rulings in effect if approved by the US Supreme Court. Store says this can happen very quickly.

He explains:

In American politics, the issue of abortion is fraught with many strong contradictions between the different camps. This is a major ethical issue, but in most democracies, stable women’s rights legislation has been ensured. In the United States, this is a valuable marker among highly polarized groups, and a societal issue, which is what has made the abortion issue more sensitive, he says.