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Historical company interested in signing CM Punk

Historical company interested in signing CM Punk

Prior to last Saturday’s Bound For Glory event, rumors surfaced that Impact Wrestling would be interested in signing CM Punk.

However, CM Punk was announced to be backstage at last Sunday’s Impact Wrestling tapings.

However, Impact Wrestling is not the only company interested in signing the “Second City Saint” following his departure from AEW.

In an interview with Andrew Zarian of Mat Men Podcast, NWA owner Billy Corgan said he was interested in hiring CM Punk, even though he knew he didn’t have the money to do so.

A lot of people asked me behind the scenes: “Should we try to sign CM Punk? Have you called him yet?” The answer is no.

I respect him very much. He deserves better money. He’s a big star. It feels almost self-defeating, to be on the verge of admitting that you don’t want to. No, trust me, the NWA would give anything for Phil to walk through the door and be a part of the NWA, even if it was on PPV.

What would I say to Phil, and I’m not trying to use this as an open forum, I’m telling you what I would say to Phil, and again, I haven’t been in touch and I certainly know how to get in touch with him. What I can tell him is that he’s going to have a lot of fun in the NWA. I think Phil loves wrestling.

He’s already had his public confrontation…and I’m very similar, I was sued by a record company for $150 million. I ended up making a deal with them and continued working with them.

I also have a good reputation in the music world. If Phil, that guy, has a good reputation with anyone, he doesn’t have that reputation with me, because I feel like I understand where he’s coming from.

He may not like wrestling, but he loves wrestling. My only request to CM Punk is, if you want to have fun, I can’t pay you what you’re worth, but if you want to have fun, come have fun in the NWA. Let’s put on a show, let’s have a little laugh and I’ll buy you a sandwich vegetarian.

Do you think there is any chance of CM Punk signing with the NWA?

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