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"Hit the Star": Sofia Tomalla must return the suitcase

“Hit the Star”: Sofia Tomalla must return the suitcase

At the end of the day, Elton throws Sofia Tomalla through the bill. Image: Screenshot Prosipen

“Hit the Star”: Sofia Tomalla must return the suitcase

Dirk Grombits

It promised to be a fantastic match: Evelyn Burdecki competes with Sofia Tomalla in “Schlock Ten Star”. They insisted on doing the Pythagorean words beforehand. “Sofia is enjoying her yellow miracle. People want to underestimate me, but that was the first mistake.” Sophia Tomalla counters: “I’ll break a few pips from the Wild Queen’s crown.”

Tomalla already has experience on the show. He had been a guest before and competed against Fernanda Branda. “Then it was still tempered by Stephen, it was so small,” she recalled.

A Speedster attacks the show

Once visitors are allowed in again, there is a surprise. Image: Screenshot Prosipen

As Elton greets Evelyn, a young man enters the stage and says that the computer game GTA VI is coming out soon. Elton acts with confidence. And, “I haven’t even finished GTA IV yet.” Evelyn: “Oh, I’m scared. GTA – it’s a game, and not everyone knows that.” It was only after a surprisingly long time that the speedster was taken away. Happy commentator Ron Ringwood: “For me the show started with disappointment. I always thought crack bowlers were naked.”

Later, Speedster’s video could be viewed on YouTube for a while, which he publicly recorded before it aired. In it he introduced himself as a “laser” and announced his fast action. He is very good at GTA V and he is looking for a new challenge. Apparently whizzing and hopefully GTA VI soon.

Evelyn was ashamed

Evelyn has often proved that this is not an encyclopedia. That evening at Sofia Tomalla was no better. Also, she is surprised by the weakness of fitness in sports, which can not be expected if it gives her a well-trained character. Although Sofia Tomalla is gradually expanding her points in further broadcasting, the two are actually equally strong.

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In the game “Who is it ..?” It’s about the previous jobs of celebrities. Opportunity for Evelyn to give us gaps in knowledge. Both candidates know who Miley Cyrus’ next-door neighbor is: not Elton John or Menderes, but Thomas Kotzak. No problem: Who is the permanent stage announcer for Borussia Munchengladbach: Joko Windersheid, Guy Abel or Mathias Uptenhavel? Both know: it’s Opti.

But now is the time to shine through Evelyn’s ignorance: Who was once on the U17 team of the German national football team? Dill Sweeger, Jurgen Milsky or Martia? But Evelyn has difficulties not only in answer, but also in question:

Then the question “Who really worked as a doctor?” Carmen Nobel, Maria Furtwangler or Sonja Giatlow? Evelyn: “Carmen Nobel … Unfortunately I don’t know who it is.” Elton is confused. “Carmen Nobel … Host of the Carmen Nobel Show.” Evelyn repeats: “Maria Furtwangler – a presenter?” Before she hears about Jungle Camp moderator Sonja Giatlow, Sofia Tomalla wants to take precautionary measures: “You know Sonja, she’s crowned you,” she reminded the Queen of the Jungle, then “Sign, sign now!” John-Joseph Lifers doesn’t even listen to Evelyn, Iris Bourbon thinks she’s a model.

Elfon makes an inappropriate joke about Sofia Tomalla

Evelyn tries it: 7 How long does it take to reach the feather floor? Image: Screenshot Prosipen

The “estimate” is, for example, to better estimate what the current time is, how many times did Elton drum in ten seconds, or how quickly did the bird’s feather fall to the ground from six meters? Evelyn stands on the armrest with the help of Elton, flipping the spring: 12 seconds. In the end it was 11. Well guessed. Evelyn wins. Sofia reassured herself: “I’m lucky to be in love …” A surprising statement shortly after parting from goalkeeper Loris Carios. Eldon thinks: “Some say …” Apparently, he quickly realized that this was a bit superficial. He went to her and gently touched her. “I can do it.”

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Evening birthday boy

Felix John received a serenade for his 27th birthday. Image: Screenshot Prosipen

Felix John and Robin Schulz presented their new song “I Got a Feelin”. It’s Jehan’s birthday and Elton wants the audience to sing “Happy Birthday”. But only works in moderation. Good to hear what Elton has to say. But John is happy anyway.

Elton terrified

In the knowledge game “Which does not apply?” It’s about finding one that doesn’t fit in the four films. The ostrich is not a mammal (Evelyn taps the dolphin) and actor Sigmar Solbach is not a virologist. Wonderful confession from Elton: He recognizes the actor, but the virologists do not recognize it. Christian Troston, Hendrik Streak and Alexander Kekule, who pronounced Elton “Kekule” with a mispronunciation, could not be noticed in one and a half corona years.

Usually, the moderator seems to be very inattentive that evening and even thinks for a moment that he is already in business breaks. The program continues and – with one exception – has no advertising in view.

Sofia is happy very soon

Sofia Tomalla has to give the suitcase back. Image: Screenshot Prosipen

Sofia Tomalla is 31:60 in a quarter after 13 games. Evelyn Burdecki struggled against the first match point. Also it goes to Game 14 “Can Run”. They both have to deal with an obstacle course in Tin Stilts. Wins fast. Sofia Tomalla replaces the match ball, the gold tinsel leaps over her from the studio ceiling, and she can attach the suitcase to 100,000 euros. But then Elton raises doubts about the outcome. Tomalla got down from a can just before the finish line.

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But he says he wants to see slow motion. “Sorry, seriously. Sorry shit.” In the background, you can hear Ron ringing, “He’s not on the ground.” But Elton continues. “We don’t really have anything like that – sorry, we need to see that.” Slow motion proves: Elton is right. “You have to cross the fort with your cup and foot. Unfortunately it’s not like that.”

Sofia must return the suitcase and repeat the last round. Evelyn Dry: “It would be a real wonder of the world if I could still win.” Elton probably wants to calm the conscience of his perfect accountant and suggests to her: “Now you have a little on your hands.” The run repeats, and Sofia easily wins, retrieving her suitcase. But the confetti is gone: so they have a cash rain, but no second golden shower.

The next edition is “Schlock Ten Star” on September 18th. She can amass a real star: competing against Olympic crown tennis gold medalist Alexander Sverev, handball goalkeeper and Sofia Tomalla’s half-stepmother Silvio Heinwetter.

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