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Zmienił się i na wolności nie będzie już stosował przemocy – zapewniał przed sądem Anders Breivik, który odsiaduje wyrok 21 lat więzienia za zabójstwo 77 osób w 2011 roku. Norweg ubiega się o wcześniejsze, warunkowe zwolnienie. Wchodząc na salę rozpraw w Skien pozdrowił zebranych hitlerowskim gestem.

Hitler’s greetings and new slogans. Breivik wants to be released

He has changed and will no longer use violence in the jungle, Anders Breivik, who is serving a 21-year sentence for killing 77 people in 2011, has been sentenced to life in prison. The Norwegian early condition applies to the publication. He entered the courtroom on the screen and greeted the audience with a Nazi gesture.

Anders Breivik wants to be released after 10 years. Will deliver a speech on Tuesday

Anders Breivik is seeking parole after serving 10 years in prison. In court on Skin He said he had changed and promised not to use violence in the jungle anymore.

“Please understand that You can be a Nazi without being a fighter. Today I have largely isolated myself from violence and terrorism And Goals in the Manifesto (Breivik’s 1,500-page publication). I hereby give my word of respect that it will remain so, “the 42-year-old man said today.

The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in the government district of Oslo and the massacre of 77 people on July 22, 2011 on the island of Utah, he believes he is not responsible for his actions.

“It was not my fault I was brainwashed on the internet 10 years ago” – he stressed.

However, he could not name the person who contributed to it.

Announced after being sentenced to 21 years in prison “For the next 50 years he will fight the Nordic opposition“Or”He will establish a non-violent nationalist movement in Europe“.

Through lengthy arguments, Breivik referred to current politics.

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He greeted those gathered in court with Nazi gestures. He said he was working for the Nordic state and was a candidate for parliament on behalf of the Nazi party.

He held up posters with the slogan “Stop the genocide against our white nations.” White genocide is a conspiracy theory known in extremist circles.

One of the leaflets, to make it more visible, Breivik put in a suit pocket, the other was pasted in a briefcase, which he showed during the court hearing. The judge repeatedly advised him “not to promote Nazi ideology.”

Anders Breivik argued May refrain from political activity if such a condition is imposed by the court. Then he is ready to go to Svalbard (Norwegian Arctic Islands), engage in business or leave the West.

In 2017, Breivik changed his name to Fijotolph Hansen, but asked the court to address him in an older, more familiar way.

The lawyer, prison service and a psychiatrist are on parole for the terrorist.

The court’s verdict will be announced next week.