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Hockey: Portugal loses to France in the second European match

Hockey: Portugal loses to France in the second European match

On Tuesday, Portugal lost to France (5-3) in the European hockey match held in Paredes, and fell to third place in the first stage of the competition.

Roberto Di Benedetto opened the scoring after three minutes and Carlo Di Benedetto extended the French lead after nine minutes. Until the break, Portugal could not respond.

At the start of the second half, everything was different. Joao Rodriguez scored a free kick 2-1, after 26 minutes, Goncalo Alves hit the crossbar and Portugal threatened to equalize with several shots, which was opposed by goalkeeper Bono.

It smelled like a tie and Joao Rodriguez was very close to scoring again, but Bono defended again and, in response, Roberto de Benedetto made it 3-1. What was a bucket of cold water. Portugal accused the goal and conceded their fourth goal by Carlo de Benedetto two minutes later.

The national team still scored the second goal, by Goncalo Alves, a minute and a half ago, but a little later Roberto Di Benedetto made the score 5-2, for what he could not dream of. True, Gonzalo Alves still scored twice, but the defeat could no longer be avoided. Carlo de Benedetto scored two goals, and Roberto de Benedetto scored three and together they beat the national team.

Thus, France achieved its second victory in two rounds and leads the first stage of the European Hockey Roller Championship with six points. Galic’s team is the biggest surprise in the competition, having already beaten Portugal and Italy. Spain follows in second place. Portugal slipped to third place, with four games remaining in this first stage.

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Monday 15 November

First day:
Italy – France, 5-8
Spain – Andorra 11-0
Portugal – Germany 10-0

Tuesday 16 November

the second day:
Italy – Spain, 4-4
Andorra – Germany, 1-5
France – Portugal, 5-3


France first 6 points
2 Spain 4 points
3rd Portugal 3 points
4th Germany 4 points
Italy’s fifth one point
6 Andorra 0 points