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Hold on against Trump in GOP presidential debate: – He owes it to you to be here

Hold on against Trump in GOP presidential debate: – He owes it to you to be here

The front-runner, Donald Trump, did not appear again. Republicans, hoping to beat him to become the party’s presidential nominee, went straight to the attack.


On Thursday evening, the third televised debate between the Republican presidential candidates took place in Miami, Florida.

Voters heard from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

Top candidate Donald Trump was once again conspicuous by his absence.

Instead, the former president held a private meeting of voters in Hialeah, less than a half-hour drive from the debate stage, he wrote. AP news agency. There he brought with him former UFC star Jorge Masvidal and comedian Roseanne Barr.

– I’m standing in front of tens of thousands of people now, and it’s being shown on TV. He said from the stage that it is much more difficult than participating in a debate, adding that he does not think the competitors’ performances are worth watching.

In the famous pose: Donald Trump on stage in Hialeah in Miami on Wednesday evening.  He did not want to mix with other Republican presidential candidates.

Favorite sunny

The former president enjoys a significant lead in opinion polls, and is the most likely candidate in the battle to become the Republican Party’s nominee in the 2024 presidential elections. He is also ahead of current President Joe Biden in several recent opinion polls.

He writes that it has become urgent for the other five Republicans to be able to present themselves as real challengers to Trump. AP. Iowa’s first Republican nominating convention takes place in just over two months.

Unlike the previous two debates, tonight’s debate included some direct attacks against the former president.

– Donald Trump is a very different man than he was in 2016. He owes it to you to be here on this stage and explain why he deserves a second chance, said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, then at his home in the state.

During the debate, the candidates were asked why they believe they can garner more voters than Trump.

– He said that Republicans will be tired of winning. Well, as we saw last night, I’m tired of Republicans losing, Ron DeSantis said: In reference to the elections held in several states on Tuesday, in which the Democrats emerged well.

– Everyone wants to talk about Trump. I can say that I believe he was the right president at the right time. Nikki Haley, whom Trump appointed as US ambassador to the United Nations, said: “I don’t think he is the right president now.”

The American media write that, in fact, only DeSantis and Haley are now competing for second place in the race and the opportunity to show themselves as an alternative to Trump. The other three are fighting to keep their campaigns alive, NBC writes.

Supports Israel’s war

The main topic of the evening’s discussion was the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip after the attack launched by Hamas on Israel on October 7. 1,400 Israelis were killed, and more than 200 were taken hostage. The following month, more than 10,000 Palestinians were killed, according to health authorities in the Gaza Strip.

Reuters wrote that the five candidates gave their unconditional support for Israel’s war.

My message to Bibi will be: “Finish the job with these Hamas butchers once and for all. They are terrorists,” Ron DeSantis said when asked what they would say to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Nikki Haley, who focused a lot on her foreign policy experience during the election campaign, criticized current Democratic President Joe Biden for “pressuring Israel to consider a humanitarian truce.”

The United States has raised this issue with Israel several times in recent days, although it has not requested a complete ceasefire.

– The last thing we need to do is tell Israel what to do. “The only thing we have to do is support them and eliminate Hamas,” Haley said.