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Hole in the ground: – It's moving!

Hole in the ground: – It's moving!

It's been less than a week since Robert Bishop from Arkansas, USA, woke up to scratching sounds under the bed early in the morning.

As he pushed the bed and blanket away, he saw a large hole in the floor.

-At first I was surprised that there was a hole that I had never seen before. Then suddenly I see there is movement below!

So says Robert I Viral video on TikTok. In recent days, he repeatedly photographed the hole under the bed – and Post it on social media Where you can clearly see something moving in the dark.

Found after 26 years: – Completely insane

“New neighbor trying to move in,” he wrote above the first video. In the clip, you can see Black Snout sniffing and looking curiously into Robert's bedroom.

– sick

At the time of writing, TikTok clips have been viewed more than 6 million times.

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious object found in the hole has set the Internet on fire, and there is a lot of discussion about it what kind A creature hiding in the ground.

– It's clearly a squirrel, writes one follower.

– No, this must be a dog, writes another.

At first, even Robert wasn't sure what was hiding between the floorboards.

Then the crab took out a claw:

Crawling: The animal on the ground tried hard to climb through the opening.  Image: TikTok screenshot.

Crawling: The animal on the ground tried hard to climb through the opening. Image: TikTok screenshot.
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Set up the camera

– very sick! I'm afraid it's a grizzly bear, one follower commented.

– This is Terrifying. I was going to die, writes another.

according to News channel 5News Arkansas Robert didn't know what to do when he discovered the claw on the floor. How was he going to catch the animal, and what would he do with it next?

– Finally I made it to the bottom of the balcony, crawling to where the bedroom floor begins. Then I set up a wildlife camera, he explains to the channel.

That same evening, he followed the camera live from his phone – and quickly discovered what was hiding under the house:

Caught red-handed: This animal is

Caught red-handed: this animal is Robert's new “tenant”. Image: TikTok screenshot.
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– It was a raccoon! He writes in the third clip, which has been viewed more than 500,000 times at the time of writing.

In the wake of the wildlife cam video, the comments section has been allowed to function again. Many are surprised that it was not a larger animal.

– Snowta looked absolutely feral through the hole in the floor, one follower wrote.

– The good thing is that it wasn't worse, writes another.

This dog owner was in for a real surprise when she came home to empty bottles of Baileys and Smirnoff and a dog with what could be called strange behavior, to put it mildly. Video: TikTok / @mcgat. Reporter: Helena Ringheim/Dagbladet TV
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Many people wonder what Robert will do with the raccoon next, something he himself is unsure of.

The animal-loving man writes in the comments section that he will be putting out food and water for a few days, adding that it “might stay in there for a while” on his part.

Two days after the raccoon was captured on wildlife cam for the first time, Robert told his followers that he hadn't seen his new guest in a few days.

“However, I was visited by a marsupial who wanted some Belgian waffles,” Robert wrote In a new video. There you can see a hungry marsupial well satisfied with both waffles and water.

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