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Hollywood star Tom Cruise could not be identified

Hollywood star Tom Cruise could not be identified

The Hollywood star has been making a big splash on the web with her latest appearance. Because many fans had to look twice to identify Tom Cruise. This is because of his completely changed facial features.

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Over the weekend, Don Cruise appeared in the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game against the San Francisco Giants. She joined fans with her adopted son Connor during her wedding to Hollywood star Nicole Kidman. The rare joint appearance of the two, however, quickly disappeared into the background.

“What happened to Tom Cruise?”

Because all eyes were on the completely changed face of the actor. There was nothing to see of Tom Cruise at one time so distinctive features, especially his cheeks were so swollen. On social networks, the 59-year-old’s face causes a lot of jokes and speculation.

“Well, what happened to Tom Cruise? His face looks like a cartoon,” one Twitter user wonders. Others make the first guesses at the same time. “He was probably bitten by a bee – it could only be an allergic reaction,” one user believes. Another speculates that the Hollywood star’s wisdom teeth may have been removed.

Weight gain is also good for many people. “He ate a few hamburgers too much,” is one comment. However, it is certain that many users have undergone a cosmetic surgery by Tom Cruise. “Someone at Beauty-Talk is often paid”, one user wrote: “It looks completely distorted!”.

It is not known whether the actor was actually under the knife or in the syringe to face the aging process. He will celebrate his 60th birthday in July next year.

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