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Homes with solar panels in Brazil grow 2,000%

Betting on solar energy in Brazil is mainly due to the high price of electricity, and Brazilians are looking for new ways to save their wallet.

Brazil and solar energy

Savings expectations push Brazilians to bet on solar energy

The savings from solar energy increased the consumption of solar panels, with the increase in the price of electricity ending up affecting new PV installations in residential homes, by about 2,000%.

The number of homes with solar installations in Brazil has increased dramatically

Not least that Brazil is one of the countries with the greatest potential for solar energy production, which is why many Brazilians are betting on solar power installations.

Values ​​presented by Paulo Cesar Dominguez, Minister of Planning and Energy Development at the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).

In an interview with Brazil on the agenda (TV Brasil), noted that the country has one of the most renewable energy arrays in the world, with 48% coming from renewables, while the global average is at 14%.

The number tends to increase when considering only electricity, as 85% of Brazil’s electricity matrix comes from renewable sources. Whereas in the world, this percentage is equivalent to only 20% of the total. 85% of this energy from renewable sources comes from hydroelectric dams on which Brazil relies heavily.

Solar growth in Brazil

Installing photovoltaic solar panels
Installing photovoltaic solar panels

But the demand for solar energy in Brazil has led the country to reach 10 gigawatts of installed capacity, which is equivalent to about 70% of the installed capacity in Itaipu (which corresponds to the bilateral hydroelectric dam on the Parana River, which is located on the Parana River. The border between Brazil and Paraguay , The second largest company in the world).

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This is a telling number, but it is not as large as the installation of solar panels in Brazilian homes, where central solar energy has grown by 200% in the last three years, but in line with the distributed solar energy in Brazil (rooftop photovoltaic panels) the increase is 2000%!

Another source of renewable energy that is growing in Brazil is the use of wind energy, and there are already more than 700 wind farms installed across the country, equal to 11% of the energy matrix.

The largest producer of electricity from wind energy is Rio Grande do Norte, and in September it signed a new protocol with EV Brasil to install a new project aimed at storing energy from wind.

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