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Honor, investigation and final farewell

Honor, investigation and final farewell

CParticipants of the People gathered Monday in Sao Paulo to honor MC Kevin, the stage name of Kevin Nascimento Bueno. The The death of the funk artist, 23, shocked Brazil and the world, by imposing multiple taxes that dominate streets and social networks.

The singer lost his life on Sunday the 16th, when he fell from the balcony of the Brisa Barra Hotel, in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Initially, the Military Police said that the fall occurred on the eleventh floor, but at the same time they corrected and explained that it was on the fifth floor.

The singer was rescued and taken to Miguel Couto Hospital, but ended up not resisting.

It was introduced by columnist Leo Dias that MC Kevin fell while He jumped to another balconyIn an attempt to avoid a quarrel with his wife, Deolan Bizera. Police are also studying the possibility of the singer falling while trying to jump into the pool, however, the circumstances in which the death occurred are still under investigation.

The journalist also found that the woman and the alleged lover were in the hotel room. The two met again yesterday afternoon at the 16th police station in Rio de Janeiro to testify and the meeting ended with a lively discussion. Liu Dias said The anger included punches and the police were forced to intervene.

The widow was quick to respond to MC Kevin’s death, after she used social media to remember the day they exchanged the rings. One The image that appeared was accompanied by sentimental words.

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MC Kevin leaves his five-year-old daughter, Soraya, as a result of his previous relationship with Evelin Gusmão. On one Sexy text Share this Monday, the girl’s mother admitted that she had not yet found the strength to deliver the news to her daughter.

The singer’s final farewell will take place this Tuesday, the 18th, in Parque Novo Mundo, São Paulo. The party will be open to the public, as the Brazilian press advances.

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