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Horizon Chase 2 is coming to consoles and PC in 2023

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Aquiris revealed, on Tuesday afternoon (30), that Horizon Chase 2 will arrive on consoles and PC in 2023. The Brazilian game will debut on Apple Arcade on September 9, but it will only be able to be enjoyed next year at the hour. The Play Station.

The news was accompanied by a trailer, with many information about the new game in the franchise. Following the same arcade style as always and with an easy-to-understand control system, the presentation shows several locations where the races will take place in the title:

According to Aquiris designer Matheus Cunegato, Horizon Chase 2 was built based on feedback from players of the first game. The community that has established itself over the past seven years has been instrumental in implementing as many changes and improvements as possible for fans to enjoy.

Horizon Chase 2 will have 55 new tracks and modes

With the right to online multiplayer in all game modes, Horizon Chase 2 will have 55 tracks spread across five countries around the world – with soundtracks by Barry Leitch, author of Top Gear.

Aquiris also promises to offer several customization tools. This way, players will unlock new skins as they compete in new races.

Additionally, Horizon Chase 2 will have events to keep the community engaged in play:

Major updates will bring new rewards, Playground mode will offer a new challenge every two days, and Tournament mode challenges players to be the best in the multi-racing combos from Around the World mode. Both modes can be enjoyed alone or in groups of up to four players.

Are you ready to speed up? Now just wait for the release date!

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