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Horizon Zero Dawn: The full version will be released for free at midnight

Horizon Zero Dawn: The full version will be released for free at midnight

The massive success of the Guerrila Games can be redeemed at no additional cost or condition until May 14th

One of the most anticipated titles in the program Play at home Give SonyAnd the Horizon Zero Dawn has gained time to be released: Midnight on Monday (the nineteenth) – or, More precisely, it is 11:59 pm Brasilia time. to me PlayStation Blog postThe game can be redeemed at no cost or requirement Until May 14 this year.

In addition to the adventure that he developed Guerrila Games, The company offers, too Play Station 4 e Play Station VR Chance Add other titles to your digital collections. Among the offers that can be refunded Until April 22 (Thursday) Names are like AbzeeAnd the Astro Bot: The Rescue MissionAnd the witness e Supnautica.

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The Play at Home initiative started in 2020When a pandemic breaks out Covid-19 Millions of people around the world are forced to spend more time at home. In April of last year, Sony temporarily offered to buy Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey for free.. Recently, it was also enabled Get it for free Ratchet and clank, And the game that in early April won a patch for a new performance focused on PlayStation 5.

Horizon Zero Dawn brings a post-apocalyptic world

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Most Complete Edition Aloy’s HistoryGirl you live in An alternate version of Earth dominated by giant creatures made of mechanical parts. Having had a childhood isolated from her tribe, she needs to embark on a wonderful journey to discover the mysteries of her past and the elements that helped shape her world.

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Photo: Disclosure / Gang War Games

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Adapted for PC in 2020 – at The version that plagued stores with performance issues And an unexpected change in price – The title was originally released in 2017, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Developer Guerrila Games Currently working on Horizon is forbidden west, Which promises to arrive later this year just for PlayStation 5.

Who wants to see more of the protagonist Aloy And you don’t want to wait for the sequel to launch Combine it into another successful game: It is an electronic game. The special character-based theme has arrived with the many themed items that can be purchased with Battle Royale V-Bucks is developed by Epic Games.

Source: PlayStation Blog