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Horoscopes from February 12 to 18, 2024. Find out what your week will be like – current

Horoscopes from February 12 to 18, 2024. Find out what your week will be like – current


From March 20 to April 18

On the twelfth day, you will be very reactive, and patience and moderation are recommended on this day. The week will be very creative for you and your relationships will benefit from your original spirit and fun instinct. The aspects involved have everything to bring about new relationships, loving and otherwise, which will have the character of original thought and disrespect. From the age of 16 onwards, in group interactions, there will be circumstances for small teasing. Pay attention to others' differences and do not attach importance to friction. However, maintain honesty in these interactions. For some Aries, this will be a week of deep learning about who they are and what will lead to true evolution.


From April 19 to May 19

Taurus will want to enjoy peace and quiet, but the craziness of daily life and relationships will make this peace elusive. Anxiety seems to affect the quality of your relationships, putting into question what you believe is most important to you. At the same time, the financial side is smiling and has the energy and vitality to face the daily hustle and bustle that characterizes Carnival and Valentine's Day! On a professional level, this is the week in which many of your processes take shape, and thus there are final points to be resolved. Many Taurus natives will be conquered by the values ​​of humanitarian and mutual assistance. Remember to dedicate yourself to your causes, but always maintain your sense of who you are.


From May 20 to June 19

Vitality, energy, and mental clarity are some of the qualities you'll feel from the 12th to the 18th. This week begins a powerful cycle in your life, whether professionally, romantically, or personally. Although you will have to make major changes in your life in order to release new energy, it will be worth the effort. In love, there is a new relationship underway that will surface patterns that you need to resolve in your life. Enjoy it, it is for your benefit and your healing. Professionally, you are ending a phase of confrontation with reality as it is, and you have already done what you had to do to adapt your reality to your environment, and a stabilization phase will now follow. Whether romantically or professionally, you should adopt an attitude of innocence and let nature take its course.


From June 20 to July 21

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Your emotions are not for carnivals. You will feel that you have little ability to cope with so much flow, energy and noise and therefore in the first days of the week you will want to protect yourself, and there may also be conditions of loss of physical vitality or some anxiety. Financial reasons will also be the basis of your humility, as you have the determination to manage your money better and this attitude will be very punctual. At the end of the week, in the field of love, the stars indicate blockages, which require a lot of originality to achieve clarity of what is happening. Use subtlety rather than grand gestures. On the professional level, in stuck situations, seek help from more qualified third parties.


From July 22 to August 21

The stars indicate oppositional energy that will bring the possibility of untimely conflicts. Learn about the other person's point of view and acknowledge that your opinions will have some validity. If the environment is harsh, learn how to leave and come back another time. From one point of view, emotion has everything in the air, whether for a person, a cause or a project, it expresses itself in the world powerfully. The entire intellectual part will be very active from the beginning of the week and will be happy to try new AI techniques to help students be creative and smart. In romantic relationships and professional life, details and details will be the basis of discussions, showing the need to develop self-control and attention to detail.


From August 22 to September 21

The week will be marked by a feeling of incommensurability, whether in a variety of relationships, professionally or in your field of study. There is a clear desire to develop, gain more skills, and do more studies to feel like you are adapting to what is being asked of you. Trust in your ability to improve and naturally develop your abilities, accept that you do not control events and do your best. Because of this tendency toward internal judgment, you will feel more stressed than usual. However, if you have already worked on strengthening your self-esteem and compassion, you will be called upon to help others liberate themselves from the traumas of inferiority and superiority. From a health standpoint, it is the week of recovery and diagnosis. In love, the stars are by your side.

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From September 22 to October 21

From the first day of the week, you will feel that you radiate good energy and vitality. This action will attract success in relationships and thus affection will go from strength to strength. If you are not in a relationship, this week you will have everything you need to change this situation to experience original and challenging feelings. On the other hand, the field of relationships will be fertile in terms of healing old wounds. On a professional level, you still have to strive to achieve your goals, and you have to understand where you need to develop and adapt. Do your best, but don't blame yourself, take it easy on yourself. Aim to achieve only what is within your capabilities. The 18th will be a great day for rest and conversations about everything and nothing.


From October 22 to November 20

Scorpios will feel increased tension in the context of intimate relationships, and crises of change and growth that have everything to do with old issues that must be confronted. The other will seem very stubborn in his opinions and Scorpio will try to break through that rigidity, leading to extreme positions on both sides. It will be important to recognize the other's values, but also to have the ability to demonstrate your vision. The 16th will witness the peak intensity of the problems in question. If you can, take a weekend to connect with your deepest truth, and renew your energy and radiance. If you have children, the carnival will be especially creative. On the professional level, he is in the harmony stage.


From November 21 to December 20

This week's energy is full of new and vibrant explorations, in your relationships and, for example, in new topics of interest that will stimulate you to learn about. In intimate relationships, the theme continues to adjust your needs to the needs of the person you are in a relationship with. There seem to be obstacles that are difficult to overcome but in reality they transform every person. Professionally, he moves from a time of crisis to a stage of creativity, that is, beginning to find answers to what was previously in the dark. Maintain discipline, seriousness, and a sense of rules in this aspect of your life. For some Sagittarians, this week will be heroic, as they will feel freed from inhibitions or stories of the past.

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From December 21 to January 19

The week will be full of creativity and fun at work. The same applies to relationships with family, where you will feel a spirit of creativity and fun, especially during the carnival period. In love, some Capricorns settle in and are in the first stage of realizing “this is it,” while others are in the process of healing inhibitions and patterns from the past, through these new relationships. Finally, Capricorns later come to realize what they no longer want to repeat in the relational sphere, through a very real sample of what is not serving them. On the 16th, important conversations can be awkward, and you will need to clarify your intentions. It's time to clear the air in your relationships in general and take quick action, and you will enjoy the feeling of liberation.


From January 20 to February 18

The stars indicate that many of your subconscious forces will come to the surface and events will be very intense. Relationships tend to have confrontations, especially those in their final stage. Have discipline and go for what you really want. You have become aware of desires that you want to get rid of, and relationships that no longer make sense. At the same time, new friendships and interests emerge, and group activities increase. New romantic relationships will benefit from plenty of attention, companionship and sharing, especially from the 16th onwards, but it will be essential to have an honest conversation about mutual expectations. Physically, your body has everything it takes to feel a lot of energy and a problem that was not visible before suddenly appears.


From February 19th to March 19th

This week, the stars express the feeling that they are about to give birth, with something gathering strength to be born, and while the birth does not happen, there is that discomfort in the last moments, before the big event. Until the new stage or project, keep your principles consistent, and focus on your goals. do not go far! Professionally, this week you will receive support, praise, and financial rewards. You will feel like your efforts have been seen, which is very rewarding. In the family context, this is still a stage that carries great responsibilities.