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Horoscopes from February 19 to 25, 2024. Find out what your week will be like – current

Horoscopes from February 19 to 25, 2024. Find out what your week will be like – current


From March 20 to April 18

The week begins with harmonious relationships around you. If you are at the beginning of a relationship, the desire to be together is mutual and exciting. In the context of this attraction, free yourself from fears and prejudices, and be open to everything that arises in your life at this moment. If the energy is applied at a professional level, there is a mental interest in what you are doing, which has everything it takes to lead to extraordinary concentration. The full moon in Virgo, on the 24th, will bring intensity in the professional field. You'll need to pay more attention to that day's conversations, carry your notebook with you so you don't miss any ideas along the way. Health remains the focus of the lives of some Aries, whether on the physical, emotional, or mental level.


From April 19 to May 19

The new spirit of freedom in your relationships brings challenges to your way of being. You will feel a little disappointed with the changes that are taking place. If a rupture occurs, remain calm and discreet. If you don't have a significant other in your life, you are in the process of attracting completely different people, with different relationship expectations than your own, which brings some frustration. If you're in a stable relationship, changes are more likely to show up in the bedroom arena, with challenges on the more routine side. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th is supposed to bring important connections in the professional field. Financially, this is not a week for major investments, maintain a cautious spirit.


From May 20 to June 19

Social life and love smile at you, giving you a feeling of confidence and ability to function in the lives of those you love. However, your recent relationships will tend to create some confusion in your mind about the identity of the person in front of you. However, the stars indicate attraction and harmony. On the professional front, the Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th will bring some confusion when brainstorming ideas and finalizing projects. Have the ability to listen to different parties and organize the different information you receive, humbly assuming your strength. For some Geminis, every step they take is aimed at healing and training resilience.

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From June 20 to July 21

The 19th will be a particularly harmonious day, even if you feel some anxiety in the context of your relationships in general. In love, everything points to a transition and some stability. If you are meeting new people, you will tend to feel that you are not as available as you would like and caution is advised. The full moon in Virgo on the 24th will be the perfect day to welcome people home. You will feel like cooking and entertaining. Family issues can rob you of some peace, but in general you will feel an optimism that will not be easily broken, especially since you feel some sympathy for those you love. Financially, you have everything to receive good news this week.


From July 22 to August 21

Very strong attractions tend to happen this week, and people who initially have nothing to do with you seem to make a good impression. In love, if you are in a relationship, it is a testing period, is the relationship bulletproof? There seems to be a flow of change happening, and it is important to develop a sense of opportunity and waiting. Overall, this is a time of tremendous creativity, but you should have confidence in your inner applause and not rely too much on the appreciation of others. Professionally, this is a transitional period and you will have to deal with a lot of details. If you are working on a study, this will be a testing phase.


From August 22 to September 21

It is expected to last a week of meetings and reunions, with many ideas being exchanged. It seems that with some people around you you will have to walk with woolly feet, afraid of saying the wrong word. The stars indicate some scrutiny on you or your business. This week has everything that should be complex at this level, as it is being analyzed. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th will mark the culmination of these tests that may be linked to health issues. In intimate relationships, the stars indicate conversations that are very important for reflection and analysis, as it is a period in which many things happen. At this point, you need to take control of your goals. Find clarity.

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From September 22 to October 21

Love is in the air for Libra people. We're talking about romantic relationships, but also about connecting with friends and family. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th brings difficult conclusions in professional or bureaucratic matters. Prepare to be shocked by the way things are set up, you will feel like you have to work harder to complete what needs to be completed. Take inspiration from those around you who are more formal and devoted to detail and order. Assume your role in group contexts, as a leader or as someone close to the leadership forces. Think about common goals and make them your focus. When it comes to health, don't neglect it! Mainly on issues related to the eyes, heart and immune system.


From October 22 to November 20

In the arena of relationships, you still have to cross the desert of disagreement on some important issues, and face contradictions. However, he has a spirit of great sacrifice and is willing to take things calmly, considering both sides of the equation. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th will be important for achieving harmony as a couple while making important and joint decisions. Social gatherings with groups are expected this week in which you should have a great deal of mental flexibility. His point of view at the moment is to open his heart to everyone and that is why new people are entering his life with great creativity. It is possible that fate will bring a very special person into your life. Paying attention to health.


From November 21 to December 20

The spirit of adventure is high this week, with new people entering your life, but also with the potential for some slightly confusing situations. The Full Moon on the 24th, in Virgo, will bring some of these situations to the surface in search of greater clarity and definition. Focus on quality communications. In the professional field, you have everything you need to start something new in your life and this will be the week in which you will search for information and clarity. Choose tracks with proven experience. For many Sagittarians, this is a stage of greater freedom and great healing. This week will bring some important openings.

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From December 21 to January 19

This week you will implement the plans you have made for yourself for some time, not only in the field of love but also in the professional field. In your relationships, look beyond words and stay consistent on your path. Financially, this is a very positive stage for you. Continue saving, as this is a stage to save for the future. The Full Moon on the 24th, in Virgo, will bring good stimulation to your relationships, enhancing the conditions for intimacy and trust. There is a possibility that your goal is conditioned by external factors (family, society, relationships). Learn how to direct your instinctive will toward your true goals.


From January 20 to February 18

A new relationship, a new project, the potential energy will be very present, with enthusiasm and the desire to continue. Material issues have everything to be a point of reflection, challenging both sides of the relationship or project. For current relationships, this is a time of testing. If clarity is needed in messy matters, don't rush and wait for times of less worry. In professional matters, this stage has everything that makes it a productive and innovative stage. New technologies tend to play a more important role. In technical fields as well, this will be a very productive week.


From February 19th to March 19th

The sun enters your sign at the beginning of the week! This is the time to congratulate you! Therefore, there is the energy of renewal and vitality, as well as thinking and planning. This week presents a lot of work, making you doubt the structures that underpin your life, however, with progress in hand, you will have an excellent image in front of your superiors or in front of society. Financially, this is a good time to explore new opportunities while valued relationships are bound to emerge. The Full Moon on the 24th in Virgo will provide the ideal conditions for conversations full of clarity and revelation.

Note: The Sun’s entry into the zodiac has a date of 2024