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Horoscopes from January 29 to February 4.  Find out what your week will be like – current

Horoscopes from January 29 to February 4. Find out what your week will be like – current


From March 20 to April 18

The perspective for this week is to reshape the different levels of your life: physical, mental and emotional. The aspects involved can also be translated into small renovations in your home. A week that predicts the possibility of unexpected financial events that you will face with an optimistic spirit. The theme of healing is very present, both on a physical level and on an identity level. In the last days of January, be careful in discussions in an attempt to start new directions, and diplomacy, calm and respect will be essential. Keep the idea of ​​unity and team in mind, but trust your convictions and don't make choices just to please others.


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From April 19 to May 19

Bulls in power: Love has good feelings, a sense of destiny and goals to be achieved. At work, there is room to explore new (and very promising) possibilities. Bulls who are on the road, traveling, have unforgettable moments! As the days go by, there will be some uneasiness about the changes you want to make in your life and still don't know how to do so. The first days of February are perfect to grab that friend and do something outside the box. Choose something more unusual, even to break the routine. The third and fourth days consume your physical energy in the best way! Seize the opportunity to get back in shape and implement those plans you have been putting off. Good luck is on your side, trust the path you are taking.


From May 20 to June 19

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The end of January contains everything you can live harmoniously in the sphere of your closest relationships, with gatherings and a smooth and passionate exchange of ideas. Some of these conversations, in the professional realm, will pay off in the long run and present challenges that require work, but are worth it. It is possible to know the results of these talks at the end of the week. If you still feel like you are in a cycle of trial and error to move to the next level of financial security, don't give up, flexibility is the key word. The 31st will be a particularly happy day if you take the opportunity to fill it with moments that are important to you. It will go as you planned. Those born in the last phase of Gemini will have a week with less energy and will have to be careful not to express themselves in a confused and impulsive way, especially in the last days of January. Learn how to get yourself out of conflicting and ambiguous situations.

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From June 20 to July 21

It will be a week of affection, harmonious exchanges with others, and a lot of fun. Life in general is orderly and safe, even if I financially want to move to another level, but something unexpected always seems to happen. The theme of your life now, in the background, is developing skills that fit your creative sense of individuality in the world. To do this, you must change your skills, even if emotionally it brings your insecurities to the surface. On the fourth day, your period may catch your attention. For later Cancers, from February 1 to 4, intimate life will be hot, bringing strong emotions. But the same astrological aspect indicates impulsiveness in words and movements, and one must be careful. It will be a week of overcoming obstacles, if you strive for common and greater causes.


From July 22 to August 21

Moving to another level in terms of relationships is the current challenge. There are values ​​that you want to align, whether in the financial area or in the area of ​​what it means to have a relationship and/or family. Professionally, there is a need to adapt creativity to the available means, and mold your work to what is really needed, which means a shift in the way you act. July Lions tend to feel attacked from all sides, as if their relationships with others are a constant battleground. Work on diplomacy. On the fourth day, conversations will be very difficult, try to be flexible and take deep breaths. At this point, orient yourself toward healing as if it were a compass. Remember: While Leo has the energy of the Sun, channel it with the rhythm of your efforts.


From August 22 to September 21

The last three days of January will be great for love, with room for appreciation for earthly desires, affection, and pleasure. This is a good time, even if there are many responsibilities in the professional field and even a lack of vitality on the physical level. The weight of responsibilities weighs everything down to bring some fatigue and lack of energy. This is a good time to think about problems with circulation, digestion, or the immune system. In the background of your life, there will be a latent need to specialize in some field of study because of the goals you have set for yourself. Around day 4, you will come to some idea about this possibility. Virgo will later have great career opportunities in the first days of February. Remember to find opportunities to rest and cultivate happiness in the simple things in life.

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From September 22 to October 21

Those born under the sign of Libras in September have a task at hand, which seems difficult to achieve and in which they must strive for mastery and continuous improvement, with flexibility. Libras this week will have the charisma and energy to make their desires come true, so it's worth taking advantage of these days to have that conversation or put that notebook idea into action. The energy will be vibrant in love! Until the fourth day, the center of your life will be healing in all dimensions, physical but also relational, in having a voice in your intimate relationship. Learn to say what you want without exaggerating. Libras at the end of October will have to take it easy, and at the beginning of February they will be nervous due to the number of situations at hand. They must channel this energy towards achieving their goals, focusing on one action after another.


From October 22 to November 20

In general and in the long term, this is a change of direction phase in which flexible efforts must be made. Financially, this week has everything to be a prosperous and balanced week. On the third and fourth days, some attention will be necessary, as there is great intensity in important conversations. Manage your anxiety and do things that you know calm you down. Radiate your strength of character by being inspired by your principles. From February onwards, in terms of health, this phase has everything that can be considered a phase of protocols and diets. Bet on the transformations that need to be made to get the treatment. In love, focus on real interactions, rather than connections based solely on pleasure, in order to achieve lasting connections.


From November 21 to December 20

The last days of January may be filled with nervous energy, as you will want to put the resolution into action and you will realize that it is harder than it seems. Your financial values ​​lead to a need for personal transformation, which is encouraged by feelings of emptiness and inadequacy. In professional matters, he wants to move to the next level, but he feels that it is more difficult than he initially imagined. This week you have everything you need to use your energy powerfully. In your intimate relationships, it will be a stage of healing and goal setting. A period of feeling defeated is about to end, use what you learned from those moments to inspire you for the future.

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From December 21 to January 19

There is luck in love, as well as a desire for organization in your relationships. You can see your ability to do your best and take care of yourself, so you can feel confident and attract the attention of those you love most. On the professional front, everything is going smoothly, and there is success in the air. Expect some unexpected events in unknown areas, and try to understand the work processes you are doing. The last days of January are full of energy and contentment, with decisions being made that are beneficial for your future. On the health front, bones and skin require your attention. In your relationship with yourself, do not try to suppress your instincts with rational justifications. Assume what you want. In this time of good adventure, remember to think about and praise the accomplishments of others who stand with you for you.


From January 20 to February 18

Congratulations, Aquarius! You are in the solar return phase, and you feel more energy and vitality, radiating in all directions. Your horoscope is one of the moment! In this solar return there is a lot to consider, namely the transformations that must occur in the management of your financial life and professional life. There is a shift happening and that is why you are feeling more anxious and distracted than usual, with unexpected events not helping. However, this week, in the first days of February, you will have the opportunity to make choices that will make a difference in your destiny. During this week, recognize the obstacles you face and use your strength and the strength of those around you to overcome them.


From February 19th to March 19th

Pisces is in the center of the action and takes responsibility for themselves and their loved ones. Those who work in creative fields have very imaginative projects on their hands that come to fruition at this stage. It's time to make commitments too when it comes to your love life. Some disillusionment with the world, a sense of hopelessness about what happens to unprotected people, will not go unnoticed. Financially, this week will bring new income possibilities. Since you have projects of a certain size, you will face some obstacles, do not ignore them, take your time to understand the best strategy and the best time to act.