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Horoscopes from March 18 to 24, 2024. How each sign will enter spring – current

Horoscopes from March 18 to 24, 2024. How each sign will enter spring – current

The sun is in Aries

From March 20 to April 18

On the 20th, the sun enters your sign and spring begins. For you, this is a good time to prepare the ground and plant seeds to fulfill your wishes for the year. The beginning of the week will be marked by emotional/family problems, so you can evolve with your plans and desires for uniqueness, thus this will be a week of crucial conversations for you. You will need a lot of courage regarding your moral principles. Learn how to contain words that look like knives. Understand which goals are worth fighting for and which situations you can only wait out. An important week for making decisions and plans as a couple. It will be important to slow down and take care of your health.

The sun is in Taurus

From April 19 to May 19

If you are in a marital relationship, you will come to important conclusions about your destiny as a couple, and an important chapter is being changed. Professionally, a week of hard work is expected, and the 22nd will be an effective day. At the same time, you will gain objectivity about your talents, some of which may be related to innovative or creative ability. It will be a week to realign yourself with your nature, and in this sense, it will be helpful to do something to relax you such as meditation, massage, and anything that develops calm within you.


From May 20 to June 19

These days, you will have to be very careful about physical exercises and conversations that turn into competitive arguments. The stars indicate the fulfillment of a dream that has been waiting a while to come true, which finally takes shape at the beginning of the week. In some ways, it will also be a week of choices. If you work in a profession related to communication or writing, this will be an important week in terms of conveying the message. For some Geminis, the group will be very important, but they tend to be reluctant to join it. Understand the central goal of the group in order to gain clarity and thus achieve synergy.


From June 20 to July 21

You will feel as if you are starting a new chapter in what you want on various relational levels whether at the family or intimate level, especially from the 20th day onwards, and you will see glimpses of creative solutions to your life in relation to the various problems you have been experiencing. The cards will be laid out on the table and you will have to be honest about how you feel, and your determination must come from your heart. In professional matters, you will feel the need to gain objectivity about your insecurities and what you need to develop to overcome these insecurities. Let yourself be led by those who have more knowledge. On the 24th, expect emotional confrontations in the family area. Late Cancers will bring good news on the financial and professional levels.

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From July 22 to August 21

A week of radiant energy is expected. You will want to create dreams and discover how to collectively achieve these dreams. Make sure you have discipline, organization, and the right goals that respond to real needs – yours and the needs of others. Relationships as a couple require work and adaptation, which requires generosity and complacency from you. It will be a week of revealing conversations, which will clarify which path to take based on alignment with your life and your own needs. For later Lions, there may be more complex debates at stake. Teaching children will raise questions about values ​​and the desire for change.


From August 22 to September 21

You are at a stage where you have to objectively confront the limits of your knowledge, given the profession you want to practice and the need to update it. Meanwhile, it's time to work and you're afraid of making mistakes. You'll have to take consistent steps to achieve small goals, and not be afraid to fail and do it again – in case things don't go well. From persistence comes mastery. On the 22nd, you may feel defeated and opposed, so try to remain steadfast with humility and without self-flagellation. On the professional front, you will receive good news. In your love life, there will be consistent decisions about the future together, and this is the moment when you realize that together you can achieve more than separately.


From September 22 to October 21

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It will be a week of creative brainstorming in conversations that will give you a sense of your own path and who you want to be in this moment. There is a huge desire to liberate the values ​​of the past and try to discover a new path. Some Libras will have difficult conversations, whether in the context of their relationships where the relationship may end, or health issues. At work, he still needs to accept the challenges he faces, due to the need to develop in his duties. In some situations, you will feel like you have no power to act and the solution will be to abandon ship, and in others, you will have to surrender to what you cannot or should not control, for the greater good.


From October 22 to November 20

Scorpios will look to the horizon and measure the horizons of their dreams. It's time to ask the important questions: What do I really want and what do I need to transform in myself to achieve these goals? Some residents of this sign are planning investments in their areas of interest, and this week has everything that is crucial in these new constructions. Even in love, a ring on the finger is expected for many, while others will feel that they do not want to just play a social role alongside the person they love, and feel frustrated in the relationship. Those who are not in a relationship should be careful with people who still know little, and quietly distance themselves from those who have proven to be no good influence, even though they represent a temptation.


From November 21 to December 20

The week begins with some doubts on the emotional and romantic level. There may be confusion regarding the nature of your relationships, which requires clarity in this definition. On March 20, you will feel overflowing with energy, which will improve your overall emotional state. As you approach the end of the week, you will have important and useful conversations that will shed light on the fate of your relationships. Expressing true feelings in a simple way and following the traditional path of relationships. You have a comprehensive picture of success in your life and many Sagittarians are riding a wave of creativity.


From December 21 to January 19

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The week has everything to start with some kind of emotional excitement. It will be more sensitive and may be enough to have important conversations. You are called to take control of what you want in your life in different areas and understand what you have to change to achieve that leadership. You can expect to talk about healing the emotional past, but also about physical healing. At the professional level, there are conditions for success and creativity. It is time to put your resources at the service of others and you will succeed. In love, there are conditions for the relationship to enter a new cycle of maturity.


From January 20 to February 18

The stars line up so that you feel like you are in a pressure cooker with the lid off. This is an essential time so that you can find what you truly want in your life. In fact, this is the time to get a plant out of the ground. This is the perfect time to be open to creativity in life and explore new possibilities and anything you commit to, you will succeed. Talking about how you feel will be deeply healing and open doors to your destiny. Its work and mission is to achieve stability at all levels.


From February 19th to March 19th

Even on the 20th, this is still the birthday of many Pisces, and this has proven to be a crucial cycle, as there are many influences with the activity of this energy in the sky. It's time to make dreams come true and all the responsibility that entails. He must insist on the practical spirit and make the best use of his talents for his own benefit and for the benefit of others. Use your abilities every day. Dreams this week are very active and relationships are imbued with the spirit of romance and sensitivity. It is a deeply spiritual time in which concrete steps are made in relationships and in accepting one's needs. On the 22nd, you will have conversations that will bring clarity and discernment to situations in your life.