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Horta Osorio between "A Bank About to Die" and the story of Maria Maddalena - The Observer

Horta Osorio between “A Bank About to Die” and the story of Maria Maddalena – The Observer

Antonio Horta Osorio He left Lloyds Bank, the nationalized English bank that, under his leadership, was able to transfer money and return the money to taxpayers, at a profit. When he got there, “ Lloyd’s was dying“, The banker recalls, in an interview with Financial times Just weeks after the move to Credit Suisse. It took eight long years to get, in 2017, to the moment the UK Treasury sold the last of Lloyds’ shares – and in an interview with Financial Daily, Horta Osorio recalls a psychological exhaustion (caused by burnout). As well as the relationship outside marriage, which was reported by the British newspapers.

After 15 years in London, He will jump to Zurich Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Bank. It is a non-executive and supervisory position that will, for the first time, be filled by someone not born in Switzerland.

This time, the task seems easier. Horta Osório joins a prestigious global financial group that has been, however, in the news for the worst reasons in recent weeks because of involvement in the Archegos Capital scandal, a North American hedge fund whose business soured and forced Credit Suisse to admit a $ 4.7 billion loss in profits. [3,9 mil milhões de euros, aproximadamente].

Horta Osorio did not want to share his reading about this and other issues that have affected Credit Suisse recently, stressing that it is an “exceptional brand” in global banking and has “very positive overall trends”. That’s a perfect contrast to what Lloyds Bank was 10 years ago–Lloyds Bank was on the verge of death and entered the European crisis“.

The fact that Lloyd’s could “die” is not a perception of anyone looking back now and realizing how close they are to the abyss. Horta Osório guarantees that he already had this idea at the time – which is why he was no longer able to sleep normally, to the point of suffering from a mental health crisis that forced him into a clinic specializing in this type of problem.

“The reason I stopped sleeping is because I saw the bank could die – and I couldn’t share this with anyone“I took it very seriously,” says Horta Osorio. “It is my responsibility to save the bank.”

You cannot share these things, because if you say so, the trust in the bank evaporates and you will be “dead”. So, it was something very personal, and I really felt it. ”

Today, Horta Osório and Lloyds Bank are supporters of the mental health support organization, Mental Health UK, which assists workers who are entering cycles of stress and anxiety. “I grew up to help others, to serve others – it’s a commitment,” says Horta Osorio, and appears to have put his worst moment in London in 15 years behind his back.

Bretton the Sun made headlines in September 2016 with several photos of the days Horta Osorio spent in Singapore with a woman who was an advisor to Tony Blair, the former British prime minister. The tabloid described her as the “secret lover” of the banker who led an enterprise that was rescued by a taxpayer and at the time was laying off thousands of workers.

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The fact that Horta Osorio was married was the first word in the title (he has been married for nearly 30 years and has three children). And while there is no evidence that Horta Osorio paid for the trip with anything other than his own money, the news did not help improve the banker’s public image.

Several years have passed since that incident, which, in the opinion of some of his friends, made it impossible for Horta Osorio to be today, Sir Horta-Osorio, for example. However, the banker assured the Financial Times that the way in which his private life was exposed in the press did not upset his feelings about the United Kingdom, the country to which “adoptedIn his words.

Everyone makes mistakes in lifeHe tells the Financial Times journalist, regaining his Christian upbringing and asking him:

Do you know the story of the group of men who were to kill Mary Magdalene to death? Jesus came and put his arms around her and said: If you have no sin, cast away the first stone. All of them turned their backs and left. “

Horta Osorio brought another story in his pocket for an interview – not a biblical story but a quote from Nelson Mandela. “As Nelson Mandela said, the goal is not to try not to fall, but to get up every time we fall, learn our lessons, do better and be better.“The banker says.