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Hosania, Levica and BSL - Why don't they support Dusk?

Hosania, Levica and BSL – Why don’t they support Dusk?

I have the impression that Donald Tusk will enter the same river and build a new house, and he forgets that he has already built a house. The Left wants a different state than the one proposed by the Civic Platform, but today they want a different state than the one proposed by Pais, ”said Christoph Kavkovsky, president of the Left Club this morning. Such voices certainly do not need to be made public among politicians associated with the opposition. There are those who are skeptical about Dusk’s return to Polish politics, not just on the platform.

So far, it is unknown whether the former prime minister will return to the political game in the backyard, or how this will happen. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A few days ago, “GW” and “Politica” wrote about a scene in which Boris Putka turns into the leader of the party. Today’s text by Łukasz Rogojsz, published on the portal, showed that these are projects written in the sand.

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Why didn’t the opposition wait for Dusk?

And how much Civil Platform Tusk is divided, and the rest of the opposition, although not directly dividing such views, seems to be waiting for the former prime minister’s visit. Because why would she even have that?

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Some commentators and politicians argue that the contribution of the former head of the Council of Europe would strengthen the opposition if he returned to Polish politics. However, at this point it will be preferred Left, People are people Whether Szymon Hołownia? After all, despite some tours of the Prime Minister, the election is still a long way off Matthews Moraviski After Poland, they explain, preparing law and justice for the early elections. Of course this cannot be ruled out, however it seems that a decision has not yet been made on this matter. Creating a joint constituency (or two) at this point is dangerous for small opposition parties.

But why Szymon Hołownia, Vodzimierz Czarzasty I Wadysław Kosiniak-Kamysz Will they be in line today to assemble the task? The Polish People’s Party, which has joined the government with the PO, seems to have little reason to be happy about his return. Why? Because along with Dusk it will come back “Eight years of PO-PSL rule”. For some people today, especially young people, even in prehistoric times, not everyone has forgotten, for example, about raising the retirement age. Tusk returning to Poland will have to do something we have not lived to see in Brussels since he left – he will have to reckon with the many years he has been prime minister. So, the People’s Party is stepping back and trying to create a new Christian democratic program today, again glued to the former Prime Minister for a while.

Dusk’s return to the political game on the Polish court will certainly not be celebrated by the left, which has recently been embroiled in a bitter controversy with “Lipki”, represented by the Civic platform. The left is structured by the weakness of the PO, and Tuskin’s return – at least on paper – may help the PO rise from its boards, which is not necessarily in the best interests of the left.

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Szymon Hołownia is in a situation similar to the left. Leader though Poland 2050 He speaks fondly of the former prime minister, who is not interested in standing in support of the Dusk-led Civic platform. Very close relations, yet the politicians of the Civic platform have repeatedly made it clear that the two parties must cooperate together, which could carry the burden of the sins of the largest opposition Hosavuniya. Dusk will only help to change the guilt for past sins. In this case, Hosavuniya must calculate the loss of voters who abandoned the PO without seeing Jaroslaw Kokszczyk as a party that could be defeated. Tuskin’s arrival, at least for a moment, could restore that hope.

General list

Finally, there is the issue of the joint opposition list, which for its rise is P.O. This is understandable in view of his political interests. Such a list would confirm his position as Leader of the Opposition, and if an election fails, everyone is responsible for it. However, today the people are not ready to create an constituency. Soon, two will be formed, the Left will be on one side, the platform with the People’s Party and Hosania on the other. Dusk, once he has streamlined the situation in the PO, will definitely implement this situation. This does not apply to everyone’s wishes. He has already expressed his first doubts Wadysław Kosiniak-KamyszThe former prime minister said in an interview with Onet that “this is not good for it” if he wants to give “opposition” to the parties.

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Tuskin’s arrival will certainly lead to an even greater polarization in the political scene. Returning to Polish politics, whatever the role, the former prime minister would have attracted voters to the stage, who did not believe in the possibility of this party winning the election and disbanded among other parties. After all, Dusk’s arrival is a return to “anti-fascism,” which has left all but the hardest followers exhausted. But when he returns to Poland, Dusk must have known that he would not receive as much love as he wanted.

Left, BSL and Poland 2050 leaders want to take part in this game? Maybe they have no choice.

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