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Houston: – I left the kids – I went on a cruise

Houston: – I left the kids – I went on a cruise

The 29-year-old from Houston, USA is said to have been arrested after leaving his two young children at home alone for several days to go on a cruise.

She is now accused of abandoning the children with the intent to return, according to the documents.

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Arrest Made: Here the woman was taken into custody in Houston on April 11, 2024. Photo: KTRK
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- It's hard so far

– It's hard so far


On April 4, the 29-year-old's neighbors reportedly saw her leaving her Houston apartment complex with the luggage, without the children.

So, a concerned neighbor called police to request a child welfare check, which led to authorities visiting the apartment.

– We never saw her return to the apartment, as the neighbors wrote in their complaint to the police.

It took five days before police visited the apartment. There they found an eight-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl alone.

Police describe the apartment as chaotic and unsanitary.

– It does not appear that any adult was present to care for the children during this time, as the complaint should state, according to ABC News.

Irene makes a fuss: - She makes a living out of this

Irene makes a fuss: – She makes a living out of this

– Exposure to serious danger

However, the woman is said to have used a video camera to keep in touch with the children, and the boy had a phone so he could communicate with his mother while she was on a cruise.

– These children were left unsupervised for several days and were exposed to serious danger, Keegan Childers, District Court Prosecutor, tells the newspaper.

The child protection representative took care of the children and handed them over to the children's aunt.

The mother of the two children is expected to appear in court next Monday.

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