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How a Jupiter in Pisces can tamper with your horoscope

How a Jupiter in Pisces can tamper with your horoscope

Jupiter, the planet that amplifies the traits of the sign it passes through, will enter Pisces on Wednesday (29/12), where it will stay until May 10, 2022. At the end of 2022, after spending a season in Aries, the giant returns to Pisces (from 10 /28/2022 to 12/20/2022).

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The presence of Jupiter in Pisces will require separation from the Aryans and Aryans to end and close cycles at the beginning (until May) and at the end of the year (after October). Thus, you will be able to harness the energy of Jupiter in the remainder of 2022 to search for experiences and projects. This will be critical to reap results in 2023.

The idea is to work on accommodating and carrying on projects, so that when Jupiter enters Aries, you can put your plans into action.

Use this time to think and plan your desires and dreams. It’s time to get ready, think about each step, and prepare to start the great blessed phase of the year that will be Jupiter in Aries.

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Jupiter in Pisces for a Taurus person means expansion and growth opportunities that are highly connected to the people you can connect with, your networks and social networks.

Future projects should also have a sense of Pisces, helping others, giving and moving, captivating and healing. The more they relate to a cause, the more they tend to act and advance.

Try to open up about friendships and charitable projects. Choose relationships of exchange and generosity, not just donations. Taurus and Taurus must learn how to give and how to receive. The key word for you in 2022 is reciprocity.

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Jupiter in Pisces influences questions related to the career of Gemini. During this period, many opportunities for professional growth can arise.

If you are not working, you can start during this period. And even those who are already employed can find a greater purpose, not just for what you do professionally, but for your life as a whole.

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This period is also great for traveling, taking courses, mastering a language and even getting more involved in religion.

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Jupiter in Pisces means that you are a Cancerian who has excellent periods for seeking new experiences, expanding intellectually, taking courses or traveling, for example.

An excellent time to focus on wisdom. Try to do everything in your power to expand your cultural, philosophical, religious, or even professional field. It would be very helpful even to impart knowledge.

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After spending a year with Jupiter concentrating on their relationships, the expanding planet will shed light on each other’s realm of money and values, particularly in early and late 2022.

Sales, commission, variable income, and even partner money can grow. However, since this is an area of ​​money in the hands of other people associated with you (and this includes loans), great care must be taken so that the increase in resources is not only indirect.

To take advantage of Jupiter in Pisces, Leo people can study more about stock investments.

Additionally, any Leo person will see their intimacy, gender, and delivery also prominent with Jupiter in Pisces. 2022 can be a busy year in the sexual sphere, but it can also be a year to try to better understand what is happening in this sphere.

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Jupiter will be in Pisces at the beginning and end of the year. This means, for those who are Virgo, the opportunities for expansion and growth will be largely related to relationships and partnerships.

It’s a great time to meet and connect with influential people who see value in you and who can open doors or act as bridges to your expansion, both on a personal and professional level.

On the other hand, ask yourself about your current relationships with your partner, friends, clients, partners, employees, or superiors: How much do you give yourself to the other person?

The question of justice has to do with Jupiter and its sphere of relations. Therefore, the implications for fair relations (or not) should be very clear. Take the opportunity to learn all you can about the emotional sphere, whether in sessions, observation, experience, or talking to other people, including a therapist, about relationships.

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Routine and your health are highlighted in 2022 with the period of Jupiter in Pisces, Libra and Libra. I actually experienced this in 2021, between May and July. What happened during this period related to your daily life and health? You will likely have more of this now.

You may feel like you are working too hard and that you don’t have much time to have fun. Remember, returns are guaranteed if you work hard and invest in knowledge and self-knowledge.

It is a wonderful time in terms of partnerships, contracts, negotiations and stable relationships.

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Jupiter in Pisces is an excellent time to be more self-confident, and to engage in activities that give you pleasure, such as hobbies, romance and sex.

Dealing with children is also in the guide. It might be spending more time with the kids, responding, and whatever else you can do to nurture and delight your inner child. But it can also be very favorable for anyone who wants to have children, whether they are pregnant or adoptive.

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If you want to have children, enjoy the season of Jupiter in Pisces, which runs from the beginning of the year until May 10 and returns from October 28 to December 20. Now, if you don’t want to have children, be careful!

Moving home (even in a city or country!) or expanding your current home are also strong possibilities at this time for Sagittarius. It’s also a good time to have fun with the family!

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Jupiter in Pisces is a position that can support and facilitate growth – as long as you follow this movement, Capricorn and Capricorn.

It is a combination that allows you to turn a dream (Pisces) into a reality (Capricorn). This realization of dreams and expansion, especially in the field of studies, work, connections and in their own spirituality.

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Jupiter in Pisces will place great emphasis on the use of talents and how Aquarius and Aquarius put them into play.

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In 2021, Jupiter in Aquarius will raise the spirits and raise all the energy of those born in Aquarius. Jupiter in Pisces will provide continuity of that energy. In other words, whatever you started or conquered with Jupiter in your sign, it’s time for continuity and realization.

It’s time to put projects into practice and make it happen, Aquarius and Aquarius!

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the fish

The year that Jupiter passes over our sun or ascends begins a cycle of growth, expansion, and progression that will continue for 12 years. Although the planet passes through Aries in 2022 (May 10 – October 28), it will be a year for Pools and Pisces with more hope, faith, expansion, and opportunity.

Jupiter will open doors for you from Pisces. Therefore, opportunities can arise from professionals and studies for travel. Whatever brings growth and has a higher purpose can be sown.

The main care is not to spread the seeds too much and end up with dispersal. That’s why it’s important to think about what makes the most sense and what excites you to invest in and harness the full power of Jupiter.

Jupiter is also very associated with travel. If the pandemic still interferes with your plans, take the opportunity to study another language, not necessarily travel, but connect with a culture or become more attached to a religion or belief.

Searching for more spirituality can help you a lot in finding your purpose during this excellent period which will be the year 2022.

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