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Imagem tesla Model 3 numa enchente

How can a Tesla electric car survive a flood? Video showing what’s going on

Last week we witnessed horrific flooding in many countries, and it has become catastrophic in many places. To help residents, emergency vehicles may have to face roads that are real rivers and the Internet has not forgiven them. Many users, perhaps not paying attention, put forward the hypothesis that electric cars, such as Tesla, will never be able to perform the task of emergency vehicles in a flood situation. Nothing is more fake.

If there are any doubts, here is a video of a Tesla Model 3 going through a flood without any problem. No, it’s not a submarine, but Musk says it’s some kind of boat.

Do electric cars work in cases of floods on the roads?

Floods in many countries in recent weeks have caused damages of millions of euros, and worse, there have been more than a hundred casualties. Concerned governments have deployed emergency units at these locations. The vehicles had to contend with flooded terrain and many of the roads were complete rivers, with a lot of water falling from the sky in such a short time.

Virtually all emergency vehicles still run on fossil fuels. However, with the automotive paradigm shift, it won't be long before electric cars take over this area as well. But, wouldn't the water leave the tram out all the way?

A video of a Tesla car showing the Model 3 attacking deep waters in China

These images are not new and no longer surprising. By the way, In 2019, the Model S entered a flooded street It passes unscathed like a commercial.

Now in China, the owner of a Tesla electric car has shown a strange video of a Model 3 that easily copes with flood waters on its way. The video was short, only filming the fully electric car driving through a flooded area, but it was intriguing for several reasons.

As stated in the video information, these photos were recorded in China's Henan Province this morning. This region also suffered from bad weather that inundated some areas of the province in the Yellow River Valley in central China.

Although it is a short video, you can see that the flood has some dimensions, at least it seems to be deep enough to stop several other vehicles in the middle of the road. However, despite this, Tesla seems to have handled the flood very well.

Teslas has weatherproof batteries and can serve as a kind of boat

Aside from the smooth driveway, it's noticeable that this Tesla looks like a Model 3 Standard Range since the car's rear wheels apparently produce most of the car's power. The tram driver seemed to push the Model 3 hard, although he didn't speed up much so as not to lose control of the car after hitting parts of the road that weren't flooded.

The car may not have had any failures, and this type of situation is not a problem. These machines are comprehensively tested in various situations of this kind. In fact, it was Elon Musk who mentioned in the past that Tesla can function as a kind of boat, because its propulsion units and batteries are closed.

Recently, Musk noted that the Cybertruck will be a vehicle that will definitely feel at home on the water. If these recent photos of China are any indication, it appears that even the Model 3 can decently cross the flood in the same way.

China is regularly hit by typhoons, and to counter this, Tesla has launched some initiatives to enable its vehicles to withstand occasionally flooded roads.

Among these initiatives is a test area at Gigafactory Shanghai that simulates flooded streets. As we can see in the video above, the China-made Model 3 and Model Y were tested in this post-production installation.

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