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How did Australia and New Zealand create a “corona virus-free bubble” between the two countries? | Corona virus | COVID-19 | WORLD

When the world listens to travel between countries, Australia And New Zealand Announced the creation of a plane for free Corona virus. From Sunday, April 18, travelers will no longer need to isolate themselves between islands separated by the Tasman Sea.

The “Although the New Zealanders were not required to serve 14 days in detention upon arrival in Australia, their Australian counterparts were required to do so.

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Here it is “Trans-Tasmanian bubble”(This is,““, I know “Applicable non-stop from October”), Which equalizes the conditions.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacintha Artern, It explains “A new chapter in your response to COVID-19 and your recovery”.

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I cannot point to another country with a strategy to eliminate COVID-19 when allowing international travelHe added.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. EFE

According to DW, this tourism initiativePay NZ $ 1 billion (5,705 million) into the economy”.

The BBC notes that New Zealand was Australia’s largest source of tourists. “Australia”Is New Zealand’s largest source.

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What can others add?

The Trans-Tasman bubble has been under discussion since the middle of last year. The Remember this was considered an opportunity ”Run supply chains and business trips”.

If successful, the program could be expanded to include Canada and other Asian countries.

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New Zealand will probably visit places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea“It simply came to our notice then.

The only thing that can bring down the plans is the increase in corona virus infections.

For example, until March 23 this year, there was a significant reduction in new cases in Australia COVID-19, The majority were not affected by the social spread. That’s what he recalled. “”, Indicating that the country was able to control the virus without vaccinating its entire population (the massive campaign began on February 21).

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Reference Image.  According to "Forbes"The vaccine was launched in Australia on February 21, but does not control the corona virus.  REUTERS
Reference Image. According to Forbes, the vaccine was launched in Australia on February 21, but is not needed to control the corona virus. REUTERS

In fact, the trend continues: Step , In the last period Easter holidays No new cases have been registered. The news agency adds:

Australia is one of the most successful countries in controlling the epidemic, with rapid isolations, border closures and surveillance limiting the corona virus infection to just 29,300 infections, with 909 deaths.”.

A similar case exists in New Zealand, although it is also true that many media outlets have offered judgments about their situation. The article is Entitled “How he was able to eliminate COVID-19”.

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What is certain is that the infection could have been handled better or at least The Instituto Lowe, It gave the country first place ”Put in order“Virus.

Portal Notes taken into account in the assessment “Geography, political systems, population size and economic development have been successful in some cases and, in others, a way to exacerbate the epidemic.”.

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To get to the top, Prime Minister Jacinta Ordn had to order a complete shutdown of the country once traces of the corona virus were found. He also ordered that all visitors be isolated for 14 days.

But controlling COVID-19 is not an easy task. In fact, on February 15th That Auckland I had “Three cases of corona virus of unknown origin”.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinta Artern and Gov. Response Minister Chris Hipkins provide details about the plane.  Photo: Bloomberg
In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinta Artern and Gov. Response Minister Chris Hipkins provide details about the plane. Photo: Bloomberg

Since then, the city has been closed again, ending six months without the need for such strict restrictions, and leaving another occasion for a festival that attracts thousands of people.

With that in mind, Australia And “He announced that he was stopping his travel bubble“More previous flights from New Zealand”Red zone”, As well as ordering the mandatory isolation of its passengers.

Since then, however, the situation has been under control again.

The Both countries state that “the COVID-19 outbreak is almost zero.”

Regarding the bubble, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he had confirmed that countries would not be affected by the impact of the corona virus “as it is found in many countries”.

Details of the flyover

There are a number of conditions that travelers must meet to travel between the two islands. The For example, it states that travelers to New Zealand must prove that they have spent the last 14 days in Australia.

Also, people with colds or flu symptoms cannot travel.

All passengers must wear a mask and notify the New Zealand government of their stay.

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Qantas Airlines has proposed to increase its flights on the New Zealand-Australia route.  AFP
Qantas Airlines has proposed to increase its flights on the New Zealand-Australia route. AFP

With this in mind, Qantas Airlines again announced that it will be flying 122 weekly flights that way.

It’s the same However, who mentions that this may be the case Considered the second bubble in the world, After Taiwan and Palau.

In fact, websites like They point out that both locations have been able to control the corona virus and that the number of people visiting airports has increased.

For his part, “The bubble was launched on April 1.Sterile pavement”. Of course, travel activities are more restricted than in New Zealand and Australia.

The television network states that passengers must arrive at the airport no later than five hours before being tested for the corona virus.

In addition, governments have established a list of approved hotels (which comply with health regulations), making the use of masks mandatory in general.

According to the criteria

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